Brick and Block Masonry - From Historical to Sustainable Masonry contains the keynote and semi-keynote lectures and all accepted regular papers presented online during the 17th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference IB2MaC (Kraków, Poland, July 5-8, 2020). Masonry is one of the oldest structures, with more than 6,000 years of history. However, it is still one of the most popular and traditional building materials, showing new and more attractive features and uses. Modern masonry, based on new and modified traditional materials and solutions, offers a higher quality of life, energy savings and more sustainable development. Hence, masonry became a more environmentally friendly building structure. Brick and Block Masonry - From Historical to Sustainable Masonry focuses on historical, current and new ideas related to masonry development, and will provide a very good platform for sharing knowledge and experiences, and for learning about new materials and technologies related to masonry structures. The book will be a valuable compendium of knowledge for researchers, representatives of industry and building management, for curators and conservators of monuments, and for students.

part |66 pages

Semi Key notes

part |71 pages

Analysis of masonry structures

part |84 pages

Codes & standards

chapter |5 pages

The revision of EN 1996-2

part |84 pages

Composite materials in masonry

part |53 pages

Construction, practice, technology & earthen masonry

part |104 pages

Earthquake resistance & retrofitting

part |35 pages

Energy, moisture & thermal performance

part |64 pages

Existing masonry - monitoring, inspection, repair & strengthening

part |53 pages

Material modelling

part |41 pages

Masonry arches & bridges

part |61 pages

Masonry testing

part |60 pages

Numerical modelling & analysis

part |43 pages

Partitions & infill

part |39 pages

Reinforced masonry