The ocean offers boundless benefits to human health. Known for millennia as a source of food, it is continuously gaining recognition as a provider for a variety of materials, and as the largest habitat on our planet, the ocean’s biodiversity stands far above anywhere else.

Functional ingredients derived from marine algae, invertebrates, and vertebrates can help fill the need for novel bioactives to treat chronic conditions such as cancer, microbial infections, and inflammatory processes. The latest addition to the Nutraceuticals: Basic Research/Clinical Applications series, Marine-Based Bioactive Compounds: Applications in Nutraceuticals provides an account of marine-derived nutraceuticals and their potential health benefits.

Key Features:

  • Provides the latest information on trends in this fast-growing market
  • Focuses on the six marine taxa that offer the most exciting potential
  • Gives practical guidance to anyone wishing to enter this sector

With contributions from an international group of experts, this book presents a great many opportunities in marine nutraceuticals from the six oceanic taxa that offer the most potential to benefit human health. It is a great resource for established nutraceutical companies.