Microbes are widely used in large-scale industrial processes due to their versatility, easy growing cultivation, kinetic potential, and the ability to generate metabolites with a wide range of potential applications to various commercial sectors, such as the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in addition to the potential for agriculture, biomedical, and several others. Among the metabolites of greatest commercial interest, and many obtained on an industrial scale, the wide range of enzymes, biofuels, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, biopolymers, and many other classes of metabolites.

This book is intended for Bioengineers, Biologist, Biochemist, Biotechnologists, microbiologist, food technologist, enzymologist, and related Professionals/ researchers.

  • Explores recent advances in the valorization of agri-food waste
  • Provides technical concepts on the production of various bio-products of commercial interest
  • Discusses the main process conditions to overcome the difficulties of using waste as alternative raw materials
  • Introduces technical-economic details on the advantages and disadvantages of exploring the waste recovery chain
  • Explores the main technological advances in the recovery of residues in functional products