In the last two decades, machine learning has developed dramatically and is still experiencing a fast and everlasting change in paradigms, methodology, applications and other aspects. This book offers a compendium of current and emerging machine learning paradigms in healthcare informatics and reflects on their diversity and complexity.

Machine Learning Approaches and Applications in Applied Intelligence for Healthcare Data Analytics presents a variety of techniques designed to enhance and empower multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional machine learning research. It provides many case studies and a panoramic view of data and machine learning techniques, providing the opportunity for novel insights and discoveries. The book explores the theory and practical applications in healthcare and includes a guided tour of machine learning algorithms, architecture design and interdisciplinary challenges.

This book is useful for research scholars and students involved in critical condition analysis and computation models.

chapter 1|18 pages

Single-Cell RNA-Seq Technology for Ageing

A Machine Learning Perspective

chapter 2|8 pages

Diagnosis in Medical Imaging

Emphasis on Photoacoustic Phenomena