From everyday applications to the rise of automation, devices have become ubiquitous. Specific materials are employed in specific devices because of their particular properties, including electrical, thermal, magnetic, mechanical, ferroelectric, and piezoelectric. Materials for Devices discusses materials selection for optimal application and highlights current materials developments in gas sensors, optical devices, mechanoelectrical devices, and medical and biological devices.

  • Explains how to select the right material for the right device
  • Includes 2D materials, thin films, smart piezoelectric films, and more
  • Presents details on organic solar cells
  • Describes thin films in sensors, actuators, and LEDs
  • Covers thin films and elastic polymers in biomedical devices
  • Discusses growth and characterization of intrinsic magnetic topological insulators

This work is aimed at researchers, technologists, and advanced students in materials and electrical engineering and related fields who are interested in developing sensors or devices.

chapter 2|18 pages

UV Stability of Organic Solar Cells

chapter 7|30 pages

Thin-Film Thermoelectrics

Materials, Devices, and Applications