This book investigates how we as citizens of Society 5.0 borrow the disruptive technologies like Blockchain, IoT, cloud and software-defined networking from Industry 4.0, with its automation and digitization of manufacturing verticals, to change the way we think and act in cyberspace incorporated within everyday life. The technologies are explored in Non-IT sectors, their implementation challenges put on the table, and new directions of thought flagged off.

Disruptive Technologies for Society 5.0: Exploration of New Ideas, Techniques, and Tools is a pathbreaking book on current research, with case studies to comprehend their importance, in technologies that disrupt the de facto.

This book is intended for researchers and academicians and will enable them to explore new ideas, techniques, and tools.

part Section A|119 pages

Disruptive Technologies: Introduction and Innovation

chapter 1|27 pages

Blockchain and Internet of Things: An Amalgamation of Trending Techniques

ByShilpi Bisht, Neeraj Bisht, Pankaj Singh, Shray Dasila

chapter 2|17 pages

Software-Defined Networking: Evolution, Open Issues, and Challenges

BySukhvinder Singh, Preeti Gupta

chapter 3|19 pages

Performance Enhancement in Cloud Computing Using Efficient Resource Scheduling

ByPrashant Lakkadwala, Priyesh Kanungo

chapter 4|18 pages

Hyper-Personalized Recommendation Systems: A Systematic Literature Mapping

ByBijendra Tyagi, Vishal Bhatnagar

chapter 6|11 pages

A Metric to Determine the Change Proneness of Software Classes Using GMDH Networks

ByAshu Jain, Dhyanendra Jain, Prashant Singh

part Section B|127 pages

Application of Disruptive Technology in Various Sectors

chapter 7|21 pages

Application of IoT Technology in the Design and Construction of an Android Based Smart Home System

ByAdeyemi Abel Ajibesin, Ahmed Tijjani Ishaq

chapter 8|18 pages

Privacy-Preserved Access Control in E-Health Cloud-Based System

BySuman Madan

chapter 9|16 pages

Eye Gaze Mouse Empowers People with Disabilities

BySonia Rathee, Amita Yadav, Harvinder Rathee, Navdeep Bohra

chapter 10|22 pages

Strategies for Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Environment

ByNikky Ahuja, Priyesh Kanungo, Sumant Katiyal

chapter 11|11 pages

Optimization Mechanism for Energy Management in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) Assisted IoT

ByUrmila Shrawankar, Kapil Hande

chapter 12|21 pages

Intelligent Systems for IoT and Services Computing

ByPreeti Arora, Laxman Singh, Saksham Gera, Vinod M Kapse

chapter 13|13 pages

Framework for the Adoption of Healthcare 4.0 – An ISM Approach

ByVinaytosh Mishra, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam

part Section C|111 pages

Impact of Disruptive Technologies in Society 5.0

chapter 14|14 pages

E-commerce Security for Preventing E-Transaction Frauds

ByReshu Agarwal, Manisha Pant, Shylaja Vinaykumar Karatangi

chapter 15|12 pages

Botnet Forensic Analytics for Investigation of Disruptive Botherders

ByKapil Kumar, Shyla, Vishal Bhatnagar

chapter 17|17 pages

IoT Based Intelligent System for Home Automation

ByNavjot Kaur Sekhon, Surinder Kaur, Hatesh Shyan

chapter 18|9 pages

Digital Learning Acceptance during COVID-19: A Sustainable Development Perspective

ByPraveen Srivastava, Shelly Srivastava, S.L. Gupta, Niraj Mishra

chapter 19|11 pages

A Framework for Real-Time Accident Prevention using Deep Learning

ByPashmeen Kaur, K.C. Tripathi, M.L. Sharma

chapter 20|21 pages

Multi-Modality Medical Image Fusion Using SWT & Speckle Noise Reduction with Bidirectional Exact Pattern Matching Algorithm

ByKapil Joshi, Minakshi Memoria, Laxman Singh, Parag Verma, Archana Barthwal