This book provides a deep insight into the energy usage in the energy intensive metal industry and the methodology for efficiency assessment. Various methodologies for energy audits are described, along with concept-level analysis for minimum energy design. Apart from the technical and engineering analysis, the book also describes management aspects such as energy management systems and financial, environmental and social analysis leading to the development of a comprehensive plan for implementation of energy efficiency and conservation in industries. Barriers to investment in energy efficiency and conservation are discussed, based on review of global and Indian case studies.


  • Details fundamental principles driving energy consumption in an industrial set-up backed with illustrative examples
  • Explains various alternative methods for discovery of energy efficiency and conservation projects.
  • Focusses on metal-producing and -processing facilities with an emphasis on environmental quality
  • Supports maximum digitalization of energy audit assessment and report preparation processes
  • Includes global case studies and  tutorials at the end of the corresponding chapters

This book is useful for researchers, professionals and graduate students in thermodynamics, manufacturing, thermal engineering, energy engineering, energy efficiency and energy processes, especially in the metal industry.

chapter 1|13 pages

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

ByJitendra Saxena

chapter 2|35 pages

EE&C Policy Considerations

ByBinoy Krishna Choudhury

chapter 3|32 pages

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Technologies

ByJitendra Saxena, Binoy Krishna Choudhury

chapter 4|38 pages

Metal Manufacturing Processes and Energy Systems

BySwapan Kumar Dutta, Binoy Krishna Choudhury

chapter 5|27 pages

Energy Audits in Metal Industries

BySwapan Kumar Dutta

chapter 7|15 pages

Energy Management and Monitoring Systems

ByJitendra Saxena

chapter 8|28 pages

Sustainability in Metal Industries

ByBinoy Krishna Choudhury