A comprehensive resource on different aspects of sustainable carbon capture technologies including recent process developments, environmentally friendly methods, and roadmaps for implementations. It discusses also the socio-economic and policy aspects of carbon capture and the challenges, opportunities, and incentives for change with a focus on industry, policy, and governmental sector. Through applications in various fields of environmental health, and four selected case studies from four different practical regimes of carbon capture, the book provides guidelines for sustainable and responsible carbon capture and addresses current and future global energy, environment, and climate concerns.

chapter 1|28 pages

Introduction to Sustainable Carbon Capture

ByPhilip Loldrup Fosbøl, Humbul Suleman, Hallvard F. Svendsen, Michael Z. Hauschild

chapter 2|43 pages

Reactive Chemical Absorption of CO2 by Organic Molecules

ByGraeme Puxty, Marcel Maeder, Robert Bennett

chapter 3|69 pages

Ionic Liquids in Carbon Capture

ByGeorge E. Romanos, Niki Vergadou, Ioannis G. Economou

chapter 4|17 pages

Gas Hydrates for CO2 Capture

ByNicolas von Solms

chapter 5|23 pages

Sustainable Metal-Organic Framework Technologies for CO2 Capture

ByHira Naveed, Haleefa Shaheen, Ranjana Kumari, Reshma Lakra, Asim Laeeq Khan, Subhankar Basu

chapter 6|24 pages

Novel CO2 Separation Membranes

ByAsif Jamil, Muhammad Latif, Alamin Idris Abdulgadir, Danial Qadir, Hafiz Abdul Mannan

chapter 7|15 pages

Cryogenic CO2 Capture

ByKhuram Maqsood, Abulhassan Ali, Aymn Abdulrahman

chapter 8|20 pages

Advance Reforming Technologies for Biofuel Production from Carbon Capture

ByAin Syuhada, Muhammad Izham Shahbudin, Mohammad Tazli Azizan

chapter 9|21 pages

Blue/Bio-Hydrogen and Carbon Capture

ByMd. Abdus Salam, Md. Tauhidul Islam, Nasrin Papri

chapter 10|23 pages

Improvements in Process Design, Simulation, and Control

ByHaslinda Zabiri, Faezah Isa, Tahir Sultan, Muhammad Afif Asyraf Affian, Anmol Fatima, Abdulhalim Shah Maulud

chapter 11|31 pages

Special Case Studies in Sustainable Carbon Capture

ByJasper A. Ros, Juliana G.M-S. Monteiro, Earl L.V. Goetheer, Randi Neerup, Wentao Gong, Sai Hema Bhavya Vinjarapu, Jens Kristian Jørsboe, Sebastian Nis Bay Villadsen, Philip Loldrup Fosbøl

chapter 12|17 pages

Modeling the Socio-Economic Impacts of Carbon Capture and Storage Deployment: Current Practices and Pathways Forward

ByJudy Jingwei Xie, Piera Patrizio, Niall Mac Dowell

chapter 13|17 pages

Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Carbon Capture

ByMariam Ameen, Dzeti Farhah Mohshim, Rabia Sharif, Rizwan Nasir, Hilmi Mukhtar