Escalating urbanization and energy consumption have increased the demand for green engineering solutions and intelligent systems to mitigate environmental hazards and offer a more sustainable future. Green engineering technologies help to create sustainable, eco-friendly designs and solutions with the aid of updated tools, methods, designs, and innovations. These technologies play a significant role in optimizing sustainability in various areas of energy, agriculture, waste management, and bioremediation and include green computing and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Green Engineering and Technology: Innovations, Design, and Architectural Implementation examines the most recent advancements in green technology, across multiple industries, and outlines the opportunities of emerging and future innovations, as well as practical real-world implementation.



    • Provides different models capable of fulfilling the criteria of energy efficiency, health and safety, renewable resources, and more
    • Examines recycling, waste management, and bioremediation techniques as well as waste-to-energy technologies
    • Presents business cases for adopting green technologies including electronics, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects
    • Reviews green technologies for applications such as energy production, building construction, transportation, and industrialization

Green Engineering and Technology: Innovations, Design, and Architectural Implementation serves as a useful and practical guide for practicing engineers, researchers, and students alike.

chapter 1|19 pages

Cloud and Green IoT-based Technology for Sustainable Smart Cities

ByParthasarathi Pattnayak, Om Prakash Jena, Saundarya Sinha

chapter 2|13 pages

Dynamic Models for Enhancing Sustainability in Automotive Component Manufacturing Systems

ByJangam Ramesh, M. Mohan Ram, Y.S. Varadarajan

chapter 3|22 pages

Internet of Agriculture Things (IoAT)

A Novel Architecture Design Approach for Open Research Issues
ByK. Lova Raju, V. Vijayaraghavan

chapter 4|14 pages

E-Navigation: An Indoor System for Green City Sustainable Development Using a UGU Engine Architecture

ByAjay B. Gadicha, Vijay B. Gadicha, Om Prakash Jena

chapter 6|18 pages

RF Energy Harvesting for WSNs

Overview, Design Challenges, and Techniques
ByJ. John Paul, A. Shobha Rekh

chapter 8|15 pages

Phytoconstituents of Common Weeds of Uttarakhand Proposed as Bio-pesticides or Green Pesticides with the Use of In-Silico and In-Vitro Techniques

BySomya Sinha, Kumud Pant, Manoj Pal, Devvret Verma, Ashutosh Mishra

chapter 9|14 pages

On Energy Harvesting in Green Cognitive Radio Networks

ByAvik Banerjee, Santi P. Maity

chapter 11|30 pages

Parameter Estimation of a Single Diode PV Cell Using an Intelligent Computing Technique

ByShilpy Goyal, Parag Nijhawan, Souvik Ganguli

chapter 13|18 pages

Green Cloud Computing: An Emerging Trend of GIT in Cloud Computing

BySatya Sobhan Panigrahi, Bibhuprasad Sahu, Amrutanshu Panigrahi, Sachi Nandan Mohanty

chapter 14|16 pages

Internet of Things for Green Technology

BySaurabh Bhattacharya, Manju Pandey

chapter 15|13 pages

Green Health: Making Green Healthcare Using Reinforcement Learning in Fog-assisted Cloud Environment

BySaeed A. L. Amodi, Sudhansu Shekhar Patra, Om Prakash Jena, Suman Bhattacharya, Nitin S. Goje, Rabindra Kumar Barik

chapter 16|19 pages

Smart Agricultural Robot

ByM. N. Vimal Kumar, Ram S. Aakash, Niffin N. Bennet

chapter 18|12 pages

Nanogenerator-based Sensors for Human Pulse Measurement

ByAmmu Anna Mathew, S. Vivekanandan, Arunkumar Chandrasekhar

chapter 19|15 pages

Future Challenges and Applications in Green Technology

ByKali Charan Rath, Ravindra N. Bulakhe, Anuradha B. Bhalerao