Smart applications are transforming conventional supply chains into digital ones. To compete in today’s competitive market, organizations must utilize the merits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution while being sustainable, lean, and eco-conscious. Smart and Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management in Industry 4.0 closes the gap and provides novel ideas, research, and applications.

This book discusses smart and sustainable supply chain management concepts that are analyzed within the Industry 4.0 perspective. It also highlights green systems and smart applications within an Industry 4.0 setting. The book presents the latest technological developments, including disruptive technologies and their impact on smart and sustainable supply chains under the triple bottom line approach. For easy reader comprehension, each chapter will include a case study, a related problem, or a numerical example, as well as the solution.

This book is written for academicians, practitioners, PhD students, and researchers involved in this area.

chapter 2|26 pages

Operations Strategy

chapter 10|19 pages


chapter 13|22 pages

Supplier Selection and Management

chapter 15|15 pages

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

chapter 16|27 pages

Fuzzy Decision-Making

chapter 17|16 pages

Cloud Technology

chapter 18|18 pages

Blockchain Technology

chapter 20|28 pages

Human Resource Management

chapter 21|17 pages

Social and Environmental Dimensions