With escalating concerns over the current state of our planet, the realization to work toward reducing our environmental footprint is gaining momentum. Scientists have realized that green chemistry is the key to reduce waste, rendering healthy environment, and improving human health. The 12 principles of green chemistry are the basic tenets that require understanding at the most fundamental level and implementation to promoting sustainable synthesis. This book discusses innovations in the form of greener technologies (superior green catalysts, alternate reaction media, and green energy sources) and elaborates their tremendous potential in combating the critical global challenges on the horizon. It intends to empower and educate students to grasp the key concepts of green chemistry, think out of the box and come up with new ideas, and apply the basic concepts in greening the world. It extensively covers the goals of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development, which can be successfully achieved with the aid of green chemistry. It also highlights cutting-edge greener technologies such as biomimicry, miniaturization, and continuous flow. Edited by two active green chemists, the book presents in-depth knowledge of this field and is extremely helpful for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate readers, as well as academic and industrial researchers.

chapter Chapter 1|32 pages

Genesis of Green Chemistry

ByAnju Srivastava, Reena Jain, Manavi Yadav, Rakesh K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 2|46 pages

Waste: A Misplaced Resource

ByAnju Srivastava, Sriparna Dutta, Rakesh K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 3|39 pages

Catalysis: A Promising Green Technology

ByManavi Yadav, Radhika Gupta, Gunjan Arora, Rakesh K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 4|41 pages

Alternative Reaction Media

ByRadhika Gupta, Reena Jain, Rakesh K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 5|43 pages

Greening Energy Sources

ByGunjan Arora, Pooja Rana, Rakesh K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 6|57 pages

Implementation of Green Chemistry: Real-World Case Studies

BySriparna Dutta, Manavi Yadav, Rakesh K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 7|20 pages

Green Chemistry in Education, Practice, and Teaching

ByReena Jain, Anju Srivastava, Manavi Yadav, Rakesh K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 8|37 pages

Green Chemistry: Vision for the Future

ByPooja Rana, Sriparna Dutta, Anju Srivastava, Rakesh K. Sharma