This volume introduces the key evolving applications of IoT in the medical field for patient care delivery through the usage of smart devices. It shows how IoT opens the door to a wealth of relevant healthcare information through real-time data analysis as well as testing, providing reliable and pragmatic data that yields enhanced solutions and discovery of previously undiscovered issues.

This new volume discusses IoT devices that are deployed for enabling patient health tracking, various emergency issues, smart administration of patients, etc. It looks at the problems of cardiac analysis in e-healthcare, explores the employment of smart devices aimed for different patient issues, and examines the usage of Arduino kits where the data can be transferred to the cloud for internet-based uses. The volume also considers the roles of IoT in electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which play significant roles in biomedical applications. This book also incorporates the use of IoT applications for smart wheelchairs, telemedicine, GPS positioning of heart patients, smart administration with drug tracking, and more.

chapter Chapter 1|29 pages

Use of IoT in Biomedical Signal Analysis for Healthcare Systems

ByMihir Narayan Mohanty, Saumendra Kumar Mohapatra, Mohan Debarchan Mohanty

chapter Chapter 2|38 pages

Application of the Internet of Things (IoT) for Biomedical Peregrination and Smart Healthcare

ByAradhana Behura, Sushree Bibhuprada B. Priyadarshini

chapter Chapter 3|29 pages

Analysis of Efficiencies Between EEG and MRI: A Survey

ByNamrata P. Mohanty, Sweta Shree Dash, Tripti Swarnkar

chapter Chapter 4|30 pages

A State-of-the-Art Survey on Decision Trees in the Context of Big Data Analysis and IoT

ByMonalisa Jena, Satchidananda Dehuri

chapter Chapter 5|28 pages

The Emerging Role of the Internet of Things (Iot) in the Biomedical Industry

ByAmrit Sahani, Bibhuprada B. Priyadarshini Sushree

chapter Chapter 6|28 pages

A Comprehensive Survey on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare

ByDeepak Garg, Devendra Kumar Sharma, Prashant Mani, Brajesh Kumar Kaushik

chapter Chapter 7|22 pages

Odontogenic Tumors: Prevalence and Demographic Distribution Through IoT

ByPriyanka Debta, Sibani Sarangi, Debabrata Singh, Anurag Dani, Somalee Mahapatra, Mitrabinda Khuntia