Artificial intelligence (AI) opens new opportunities for STEM education in K-12, higher education, and professional education contexts. This book summarizes AI in education (AIED) with a particular focus on the research, practice, and technological paradigmatic shifts of AIED in recent years. 

The 23 chapters in this edited collection track the paradigmatic shifts of AIED in STEM education, discussing how and why the paradigms have shifted, explaining how and in what ways AI techniques have ensured the shifts, and envisioning what directions next-generation AIED is heading in the new era. As a whole, the book illuminates the main paradigms of AI in STEM education, summarizes the AI-enhanced techniques and applications used to enable the paradigms, and discusses AI-enhanced teaching, learning, and design in STEM education. It provides an adapted educational policy so that practitioners can better facilitate the application of AI in STEM education. 

This book is a must-read for researchers, educators, students, designers, and engineers who are interested in the opportunities and challenges of AI in STEM education.

part Section I|90 pages

AI-Enhanced Adaptive, Personalized Learning

part Section III|60 pages

AI-Supported Instructor Systems and Assessments for AI and STEM Education

part Section IV|108 pages

Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining in AI and STEM Education