This book contains a collection of high-quality papers describing the results of relevant investigations and cutting-edge technologies, aimed at improving key aspects of real life, including major challenges such as the development of smart cities, smart buildings, smart grids, and the reduction of the impact of human activities on the environment. Sustainability requires the use of green technologies and techniques and good practices. Artificial intelligence seems to be an appropriate approach to optimize the use of resources. The main focus of this book is the dissemination of novel and innovative technologies, techniques and applications of artificial intelligence, computing and information and communications technologies, and new digital services such as digital marketing, smart tourism, smart agriculture, green and renewable energy sources. Besides, this book focuses on nurturing energy trends including renewable energies, smart grids, human activity impact, communication, behaviour, and social development, and quality of life improvement fields based on the innovative use of sensors, big data and the Internet of things (IoT), telecommunications and machine learning.

section Section I|116 pages

Telecommunications and computing technologies

section Section II|54 pages

Smart sensing and artificial intelligence

section Section III|74 pages

Green energy production and transfer systems