A global blue economy is an economic arena that depends on the benefits and values realized from the coastal and marine environments. This book explains the "sustainable blue economy" as a marine-based economy that provides social and economic benefits for current and future generations. It restores, protects, and maintains the diversity, productivity, and resilience of marine ecosystems, and is based on clean technologies, renewable energy, and circular material flows.

chapter 1|33 pages

Concepts, Tools, and Pillars of the Blue Economy

A Synthesis and Critical Review
ByMd. Nazrul Islam

chapter 3|26 pages

Optimizing the Connectivity of Salmon Farms

Role of Exposure to Wind, Tides, and Isolation
ByDmitry Aleynik, Thomas Adams, Keith Davidson

chapter 4|42 pages

Offshore Fish Farming

Challenges and Developments in Fish Pen Designs
ByChien Ming Wang, Yunil Chu, Joerg Baumeister, Hong Zhang, Dong-Sheng Jeng, Nagi Abdussamie

chapter 5|18 pages

Risk Finance for Natural Disaster in Lakes and Coastal Seas Using Modeling Techniques

ByJinxin Zhou, Kentaro Kikuchi, Hideya Kubo, Takero Yoshida, Md. Nazrul Islam, Daisuke Kitazawa

chapter 6|48 pages

Blue Economy Prospects, Opportunities, Challenges, Risks, and Sustainable Development Pathways in Bangladesh

ByMd. Simul Bhuyan, Md. Nazrul Islam, Mir Mohammad Ali, Md. Rashed-Un-Nabi, Md. Wahidul Alam, Monika Das, Ranjan Roy, Mohan Kumar Das, Istiak Ahamed Mojumder, Sobnom Mustary

chapter 7|25 pages

Application of Blue Economy for Polymetallic Nodules from the Central Indian Ocean Basin

ByAnkeeta A. Amonkar, Niyati Gopinath Kalangutkar, Sridhar D. Iyer

chapter 8|37 pages

Development and Challenges of Indian Ocean Blue Economy and Opportunities for Sri Lanka

ByNawalage S. Cooray, Upul Premarathna, Keerthi Sri Senarathna Atapaththu, Tilak Priyadarshana

chapter 9|26 pages

Marine Ecosystem Services

SDGs Targets, Achievement, and Linkages with a Blue Economy Perception
ByMd. Nazrul Islam, Sahanaj Tamanna, S. M. Rashedul Islam, Md. Shahriar Islam

chapter 10|24 pages

The Blue Economy Paradigm and Seafloor Massive Sulfides along the Indian Ocean Ridge Systems

ByNiyati Gopinath Kalangutkar, Ankeeta A. Amonkar, Sridhar D. Iyer

chapter 11|32 pages

Global Scenarios of Seaweed Cultivation

Science-Policy Nexus for Enhancing the Seaweeds and Algae Farming
ByMd. Nazrul Islam, Sahanaj Tamanna, Md. Shahriar Islam, Md. Noman

chapter 12|19 pages

Deep-Sea Mining and Potential Risks, Opportunities, and Challenges

ByNezha Mejjad, Marzia Rovere

chapter 13|33 pages

Modern Seafood Production to Enhance the Blue Economy

A Proposed Sustainable Model for Bangladesh
ByMd. Nazrul Islam, Sahanaj Tamanna, Khaled Mahamud Khan

chapter 14|18 pages

New Challenges for Sustainable Plastic Recycling in Japan

ByJeongsoo Yu, Shiori Osanai, Kosuke Toshiki, Xiaoyue Liu, Tadao Tanabe, Gaku Manago, Shuoyao Wang, Kevin Roy B. Serrona, Kazuaki Okubo, Ryo Ikeda

chapter 15|35 pages

Marine Pollution and Ecosystem Health

Challenges for Developing Sustainable Blue Economy
ByMd. Nazrul Islam, Sahanaj Tamanna, Al Rabby Siemens

chapter 16|22 pages

Seaweed Farming Potential in India

An Assessment and Review
ByMuthuswamy Jaikumar, Ramadoss Dineshram, Temjensangba Imchen, Sourav Mandal, Kannan Rangesh