This book reflects contributions from experts in biological and health effects of Radio Frequency (RF)/Microwave and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) used in wireless communications (WC) and other technological applications. Diverse topics related to physics, biology, pathology, epidemiology, and plausible biophysical and biochemical mechanisms of WC EMFs emitted by antennas and devices are included. Discussions on the possible consequences of fifth generation (5G) mobile telephony (MT) EMFs based on available data and  correlation between anthropogenic EMF exposures and various pathological conditions such as infertility, cancer, electro-hypersensitivity, organic and viral diseases, and effects on animals, plants, trees, and environment are included. It further illustrates individual and public health protection and the setting of biologically- and epidemiologically-based exposure limits.


  • Covers biological and health effects, including oxidative stress, DNA damage, reproductive effects of mobile phones/antennas (2G, 3G, 4G), cordless phones, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Describes effects induced by real-life exposures by commercially available devices/antennas.
  • Illustrates biophysical and biochemical mechanisms that fill the gap between recorded experimental and epidemiological findings and their explanations.
  • Explores experimental and epidemiological facts and mechanisms of action. Provides explanations and protection tips.
  • Transcends across physical, biological, chemical, health, epidemiological, and environmental aspects of the topic.

This book is aimed at senior undergraduate/graduate students in physics, biology, medicine, bioelectromagnetics, electromagnetic biology, non-ionizing radiation biophysics, telecommunications, electromagnetism, bioengineering, and dosimetry.

chapter |14 pages


part A|62 pages

Physical Properties of Wireless Communication Electromagnetic Fields

chapter 1|60 pages

Defining Wireless Communication (WC) Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs):

A. Polarization Is a Principal Property of All Man-made EMFsB. Modulation, Pulsation, and Variability Are Inherent Parameters of WC EMFsC. Most Man-made EMF Exposures Are Non-thermalD. Measuring Incident EMFs Is More Relevant than Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)E. All Man-made EMFs Emit Continuous Waves, Not Photons F. Differences from Natural EMFs. Interaction with Matter

part B|314 pages

Biological and Health Effects of Wireless Communication Electromagnetic Fields

part C|56 pages

Effects on Wildlife and Environment