This second edition of The UX Careers Handbook offers you all the great advice of the first edition—freshly updated—plus a new chapter on critical soft skills, much more on becoming a UX leader, and a 17th user experience (UX) career pathway.

The UX Careers Handbook, Second Edition, offers you an insider's advice on learning, personal branding, networking skills, building your resume and portfolio, and actually landing that UX job you want, as well as an in-depth look at what it takes to get into and succeed in a UX career.

Whether your interests include design, information architecture, strategy, research, UX writing, or any of the other core UX skillsets, you'll find a wealth of resources in this book.

The book also includes:

  • Insights and personal stories from a range of industry-leading UX professionals to show you how they broke into the industry and evolved their own careers over time
  • Activities and worksheets to help you make good decisions and build your career

Along with the book, you can explore its companion website with more resources and information to help you stay on top of this fast-changing field.

Not only for job seekers, The UX Careers Handbook, Second Edition, is a must-have for

  • Employers and recruiters who want to better understand how to hire and keep UX staff
  • Undergraduate and graduate students thinking about their future careers
  • Professionals in other careers who are thinking about starting to do UX work

Cory Lebson has been a UX consultant and user researcher for over two decades. He is Principal and Owner of a small UX research consultancy, a builder of UX community, and a past president of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA). Not only a practitioner of UX, Cory teaches and mentors to help professionals grow their UX skills and conducts regular talks and workshops on topics related to both UX skills and career development.

part Part 1|67 pages

Establishing Your Foundation

chapter Chapter 1|9 pages

What Is User Experience (UX)?

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 2|11 pages

Your Career Is Grounded in Your Education

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 3|12 pages

Never Stop Learning

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 4|23 pages

Personal Branding and Networking for Career Success

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 5|7 pages

Critical Soft Skills

ByCory Lebson

part Part 2|69 pages

Getting a Job

chapter Chapter 6|15 pages

Resumes and Portfolios to Illustrate Your Value

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

Work In-House or Be an External Consultant

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 8|15 pages

Independent Contracting or Starting a Small UX Business 1

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 9|23 pages

Landing a Job (or New Contract Work)

ByCory Lebson

part Part 3|30 pages

Recruiters & Employers

chapter Chapter 10|13 pages

Working with a Recruiter; Being a Recruiter

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 11|14 pages

Employer's Guide (and What Job Seekers Should Look For)

ByPamela Walshe

part Part 4|92 pages

Career Glimpses

chapter Chapter 12|10 pages

UX Career Pathways

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 13|29 pages

Design-Related Pathways

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 14|18 pages

Research-Related Pathways

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 15|21 pages

Content-Related Pathways

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 16|10 pages

Strategy-Related Pathways

ByCory Lebson

part Part 5|18 pages

UX Leadership

chapter Chapter 17|9 pages

Corporate UX Leadership

ByCory Lebson

chapter Chapter 18|6 pages

Alternative Pathways to UX Leadership

ByCory Lebson

part |11 pages


chapter Chapter 19|9 pages

UX in the Future; Your Career Today

ByCory Lebson