Cyber-Physical Systems: A Comprehensive Guide explores the complete sys-tem perspective, underlying theories, modelling, and the applications of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). It aims to cover all topics ranging from discussion of ru-diments of the system, efficient management, to recent research challenges and issues. Editors aim to present the book in a self-sufficient manner and to achieve this, the book has been edited to include all the aspects of CPS. The book fo-cuses on the concept map of CPS including latest technological interventions; issues, challenges, and the integration of CPS with IoT & Big Data Analytics. This aims to bring together unique contributions on cyber-physical systems research and education with applications in industrial, agriculture, and medical domains. The main aim of the book is to provide a roadmap to the latest advancements to provide optimal solutions in the field of CPS.


• Coverage of rudiments of the subject
• Discussion of recent advancements in the associated field
• Considers an audience of diverse domains
• Suitable for students (both UG and PG level) and researchers in the field of CPS

This book aims to present the emergence of Cyber Physical Systems in response to revolutionary advancements in IoT. While discussing the associated challenges, it also endeavors to devise efficient models which are competent to address these challenges. This book aims to cater to researchers and academicians working in the related field of CPS.

chapter 1|14 pages

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber-Physical Systems

ByR. Sharma, N. Sharma

chapter 3|23 pages

Applications of Cyber-Physical Systems for Industry 4.0: A Comprehensive Review

ByKirti Wanjale, Monika Mangla, A.V. Chitre

chapter 4|17 pages

A Theoretical Framework for Deep Neural Networks over CPS: Vision, Application, Challenges

ByAzra Nazir, Roohie Naaz Mir, Shaima Qureshi

chapter 5|19 pages

Hybrid Model for Software Fault Prediction

BySourabh Yadav, Pradeep Tomar, Vibha Nehra, Nonita Sharma

chapter 7|18 pages

Efficient Compression Algorithms for Bandwidth- and Memory-Constrained Cyber-Physical Systems

ByMohd Rafi Lone, Najeeb-ud-Din Hakim

chapter 8|21 pages

Novel Encryption Framework: HEA for IoT and Fog Network Data Transmission

BySameer Farooq, Priyanka Chawla

chapter 9|16 pages

Security Issues and Challenges for Cyber-Physical Systems

ByTanya Garg, Surbhi Khullar, Gurjinder Kaur

chapter 10|17 pages

Security Vulnerabilities of Cyber-physical Systems: Autonomous Vehicles Perspective

ByFaisal Rasheed Lone, Harsh Kumar Verma, Krishna Pal Sharma

chapter 11|10 pages

Employment of Cyber-Physical Systems Towards Smart Healthcare Assistance

ByShubham Joshi, Radha Krishna Rambola, Nonita Sharma, Monika Mangla

chapter 12|11 pages

A Road Map Towards Industrial Transformation Using the Cyber-Physical System

ByShubham Joshi, Kamal Mehta, Nonita Sharma, Monika Mangla

chapter 13|16 pages

UAV-Based Cyber-Physical Systems: Concepts, Applications, and Issues

ByVikramjit Singh, Krishna Pal Sharma, Harsh K. Verma

chapter 14|18 pages

An AI-Based Cyber-Physical System for 21st-Century-Based Intelligent Health Care

ByTawseef Ayoub Shaikh, Tabasum Rasool, Younis Ahmed Malla, Shabir Sofi