This book provides a comprehensive review of the latest research on the science, technology, and applications of mode-locked fiber lasers generating pulse trains with the evolving state of polarization at time scales ranging from a few pulse widths to 10,000 laser cavity round-trip times. It supports readers with a timely source of information on the current novel scientific concepts, and cost-effective schematics, in addition to an overview of the feasible applications.

The book aims to demonstrate for the nonlinear science community a newly emerging field of nonlinear science, and so stimulates the development of new theoretical approaches and opens new horizons for the photonics community by pushing boundaries of the existing laser systems towards new applications. The new classes of optical sources and photonic devices explored in this book will be relevant with applications to other fields, including medicine, bio-photonics, metrology, and environmental safety.

Key Features

• Provides a cutting edge review of the latest emerging science, technology and applications in the field.

• Tackles a topic with fast growing interest in USA, Europe and China.

• Explores the simple and cheap design and tests of lasers, and outlines the feasible applications.