Photovoltaics (PV) play a vital role in an energy-conscious society where the demand for cheap, convenient, and environmentally benign sources of energy is certain to increase. The range of applications is immense, encompassing many spheres of activity, from modern consumer electronics to the supply of power. Bringing together experts in their fields, Applications of Photovoltaics provides a stimulating account of the technical and economic aspects of the many areas that PV technology has been or is soon to be implemented. The book includes chapters on terrestrial applications of PV; PV for development, placing PV in the context of an energy policy for developing countries; PV for developing countries, which discusses the techno-economics of PV applications; PV systems for professional applications, which include hybrid systems; and low-power applications of PV for consumer, leisure, and other systems.

Applications of Photovoltaics is appealing to all engineers, from energy advisors and policy makers, with an interest in or need for off-grid electrical supplies, from microwatts to megawatts. Its level of presentation makes it accessible to those without an engineering or economics background.

chapter 1|25 pages

Terrestrial Applications of Photovoltaics

ByMichael R. Starr

chapter 2|13 pages

Photovoltaics for Development: Identifying Real Opportunity

ByPhil O’Keefe

chapter 3|52 pages

Photovoltaics for Developing Countries

ByBernard McNelis

chapter 4|31 pages

Photovoltaic Systems for Professional Applications

ByAlan Dichler

chapter 5|24 pages

Low Power Applications of Photovoltaics

ByNicola M. Pearsall, Robert Hill