HIV and AIDS information on the Internet can be very overwhelming. HIV/AIDS Internet Information Sources and Resources organizes the information on the Internet about HIV and AIDS so you don?t have to. Don?t allow access to the most up-to-date HIV and AIDS-related Web sites be an impossible challenge! With HIV/AIDS Internet Information Sources and Resources, you?ll know where to go to educate yourself and those you care about in an effort to stop the spread of this disease.HIV/AIDS Internet Information Sources and Resources is guaranteed to help you find the best Web sites to answer questions you may have regarding HIV and AIDS. Even if what you are searching for isn?t in the main recommended Web sites, you?ll be directed to discussion and support destinations tailored to suit your needs. HIV/AIDS Internet Information Sources and Resources reviews, evaluates, and categorizes all HIV and AIDS related Web sites according to who designed the Web site, the type of information within the Web site, and the Web site target audience. You?ll find the details of the best HIV/ AIDS information about:

  • women, children, adolescents and minorities
  • websites created by organizations such as the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • news sites
  • general HIV and AIDS sites, a profile of HIV insite
  • drug therapy sites, including one for alternative medicine
  • medical management and Internet library resourcesSome newer Web sites use unusual terminology you may have never heard before. HIV/AIDS Internet Information Sources and Resources clarifies this new language so you?ll understand exactly what is meant. You?ll never have to waste your time reading scattered articles about HIV and AIDS information on the Internet after buying your own copy of HIV/AIDS Internet Information Sources and Resources.

chapter |2 pages


ByJeffrey T. Huber

chapter |14 pages

AIDS Service Organizations and Their Presence on the Internet

ByJanet A. Ohles, Janette Pierce

chapter |14 pages

Building an HIV Internet Network of Community-Based Organizations

ByStephanie L. Normann, Donna Rochon

chapter |8 pages

Internet Resources for HIV+ Children and Adolescents

ByKris Riddlesperger

chapter |18 pages

Women’s Place on the World-Wide Web: An Analysis of Sites Concerning HIV and Women

ByMary L. Gillaspy, Jeffrey T. Huber

chapter |6 pages

CDC’s HIV/AIDS Resources on the Net

ByAnn L. Poritzky

chapter |19 pages

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Selected Internet Resources for HIV/AIDS

ByCharles B. Wessel, Bruce A. Johnston, Tamera E. Frech