This volume contains the proceedings of the 9th Congress of the International Strabismological Association (ISA). The meeting took place in Sydney, Australia, from 17th to 20th April 2002. The text was written with the intention to provide the reader with information on developments in observations and therapies in strabismus and paediatric ophthalmology. The format of the work follows the meeting programme and is divided into sections of oral presentations, manuscripts of the posters, symposia and workshop. In order to assist the reader a list of keywords and authors have been added to the book.

part |22 pages

The 9th Bielschowsky Lecture

chapter |2 pages

Introduction of the 2002 Bielschowsky Lecturer

ByGunnar Lennerstrand

chapter |18 pages

Where Should Strabismology be Going? Pearls and Refuse from Our Past

ByEmilio C. Campos

part |63 pages


chapter |2 pages

XIXth Meeting of the International Strabismological Association, Sydney, Australia

symposium Thursday April 18th 2002, 2-3 PM
ByJan-Tjeerd de Faber

chapter |7 pages

Vision Screening in the Netherlands - Up to Date

ByV. Kathleen Lantau, R.E. Juttmann

chapter |4 pages

Outcomes of a School Vision Screening Program

ByLiane Wilcox, Elaine Cornell

chapter |2 pages

The Rationale for the UK Amblyopia Treatment Trial

BySarah Richardson, Susan Hrisos, Jackie Anderson, Jane Henderson, Charlotte Wright, Michael Clarke

chapter |5 pages

Visual Screening in Sweden. Effectiveness in the Reduction of Amblyopia and Costs.

ByGun Kvarnström, Peter Jakobsson, Jens Dahlgaard Merc

chapter |2 pages

ISA 2002, April 18th Symposium Vision screening

ByJan-Tjeerd de Faber

chapter |23 pages

Symposium : Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy

ByAntonella Boschi, Ross Fitzsimons, Arthur Jampolsky, Alan MacNab, Arthur Rosenbaum, Anthony Murray

chapter |13 pages

Symposium on Terminology

ISA Terminology Committee
BySuzanne Véronneau-Troutman, Emilio C. Campos, G. Robert LaRoche, Derek T. Sprunger, Catherine Dunlop, André Roth, Carlos Souza-Dias

part |19 pages


chapter |5 pages

Refractive Surgery and Strabismus:Workshop

ByJan-Tjeerd de Faber

chapter |3 pages

Strabismologic Advice for the Refractive Surgeon

ByJan-Tjeerd H.N. de Faber, Martha Tjon Fo Sang

chapter |3 pages

Heterotopic Pulleys and Anomalous Head Posture

ByJoseph L. Demer

part |54 pages


chapter |4 pages

Primary Monofixation Syndrome in Discordant Monozygotic Twins with Strabismus

ByTeiji Yagasaki, Miho Sato, Yoshihiro Hotta

chapter |4 pages

The Characteristics of Patients with Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)

ByCarly Richardson, Teresa Smith, Andrew Shaefer″, Philip Griffiths

chapter |3 pages

A Development of Stereotest Using Luminance Modulation

ByNoriko Sekimoto, Mayumi Mizuno, Kae Okai, Asako Akaike, Yukiko Takami, Sanae Asonuma, Jun Hosohata, Shiro Suyama, Hideaki Takada, Shigenobu Sakai, Takashi Fujikado

chapter |3 pages

Intraoperative Adjustment in Strabismus Surgery

ByJong Bok Lee, Yoon Hee Chang, Sueng Han Han

chapter |4 pages

A Case of Bilateral Congenital Superior Oblique Palsy Developing after Trauma

BySentaro Kusuhara, Akiyasu Kanamori, Kazuki Ishibashi, Yoshibumi Sekiya, Akira Negi

chapter |4 pages

Crowding Phenomenon with Logmar Based Test

ByRumiko Kuwahara, Yumiko Mori, Hiroko Shirabe, Kazuki Ishibashi, Yoshibumi Sekiya, Misao Yamamoto

chapter |4 pages

Visual Dysfunction in Children with Reading Problems

ByDaisy Godts, Marie-José Tassignon

chapter |3 pages

Surgical Results of Acquired Non-Accommodative Esotropia

ByDerek T. Sprunger, Sarah J. Whang, Jay G. Galli

chapter |4 pages

Electrophysiological Differences Between Early and Late Onset Amblyopia.

ByJohn J Sloper, Alison R Davis, Majella M Neveu, Chris R Hogg, Michael J Morgan, Graham E Holder

chapter |4 pages

Anterior Transposition Compared to Graduated Recession of Inferior Oblique for V Pattern

ByKeila Monteiro de Carvalho, Nilza Minguini, Leandro Costa de Araújo e Cybele Crosta

chapter |4 pages

Stabilization of Postoperative Deviation by Fadenoperation for Exotropia

ByYoshikazu Hatsukawa, Mami Ishizaka, Akiko Nihmi, Takeshi Nakao, Tomoko Yamagishi

chapter |4 pages

About the Origin of a Pattern

ByA Dickmann, MV Stella, A Salerni, C Rendeli, E Salvaggio, M Caldarelli, G Savino

chapter |4 pages

Neural Network System and Children’s Strabismus Operation Design

ByWu Xixi, Xiang Yu, Dong Tajian

section Section 1|40 pages

Amblyopia/binocular vision

chapter |2 pages

The UK Amblyopia Treatment Trial: Visual Acuity and Stereoacuity Values in Treated and Untreated Unilateral Straight Eyed Amblyopia.

ByMichael Clarke, Sarah Richarsdon, Susan Hrisos, Jackie Anderson, Jane Henderson, Charlotte Wright

chapter |3 pages

Long-Term Visual Outcome in Primary Microtropia

ByToshihiko Matsuo, Yoko Kawaishi, Ryu Kuroda, Hiroshi Ohtsuki, Yoshimasa Watanabe

chapter |4 pages

Anatomical Differences in Optic Nerve, Chiasm and Optic Tracts in Human Albinism Demonstrated by Mri Evaluation

ByB. Käsmann-Kellner, T. Schäfer, C.M. Krick, M. Backens, K.W. Ruprecht, W. Reith, B. Schmitz

chapter |5 pages

c-fos, egr-1, bcl-2 and c-jun Decreases in Visual Cortex of Cats with Monocular Visual Deprivation

ByLejin Wang, Li Wang, Wu. Xixi, Kanxing Zhao

chapter |4 pages

Clinical Tests of Distance Stereopsis: State of the Art

ByJohn P. Frisby, Helen Davis

chapter |4 pages

Aniseikonia Measured by Hess Chart and New Aniseikonia Tests

ByToshie Hirai, Miho Sato, Kiyoko Ukai, Chang-Hue Piao, Hiroko Terasaki, Yozo Miyake

section Section 2|22 pages

Cyclovertical strabismus

chapter |4 pages

Gaze-Related Orbital Pulley Shift: A Novel Cause of Incomitant Strabismus

ByJoseph L. Demer, Reika Kono, Weldon Wright, Sei Yeui Oh, Robert A. Clark

chapter |4 pages

Effectiveness of Extraocular Muscle Surgery in Macular Translocation with 360° Retinotomy

ByTakashi Fujikado, Hiroshi Shimojyo, Jun Hosohata, Yasuo Tano

chapter |4 pages

Tenon Capsule Transposition in Cases of Major Excyclotorsion

ByAlain C. Spielmann, Annette Spielmann

section Section 3|23 pages

Paralytic strabismus

chapter |7 pages

Oculomotor Dysfunction in Migraine

ByDr. Sanjoy Chowdhury

chapter |4 pages

Botulinum Toxin in Chronic Sixth Nerve Palsy

ByJonathan M. Holmes, David A. Leske

chapter |5 pages

Partial Augmented Rectus Extraocular Muscles Transpositions

ByMichelle T. Britt, Arthur L. Rosenbaum, Federico G. Velez, Neepa Thacker, Deborah Alcorn, R. Scott Foster

section Section 4|36 pages

Orbit and extra ocular muscle anomalies

chapter |4 pages

I Type Duane’s Retraction Syndrome: Pre and Post-Operative Saccades Evaluation.

ByGustavo Savino, Daniela Colucci, Sabrina Russo, Nicolina Gianfrancesco, Domenico Di Nicola, Anna Dickmann

chapter |4 pages

Predictive Factors for Upshoot and Downshoot in Duane’s Retraction Syndrome

ByKanwar Mohan, Vandana Saroha, Ashok Sharma

chapter |3 pages

Enlarged Muscle Strabismus

ByL. Kowal, S. Cochrane, P. McKelvie, O. Bigault

chapter |3 pages

Extraocular Muscle Cysticercosis

ByKanwar Mohan, Vandana Saroha, SS Pandav, Ashok Sharma

chapter |4 pages

Acquired Orbital Fibrosis

ByCarlos Souza-Dias

chapter |4 pages

Extra-Ocular Muscle Limitation in Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)

ByTeresa Smith, Carly Richardson, Andrew Shaefer, Phillip Griffiths

chapter |2 pages

Ocular Motility Abnormalities in Patients with Blepharophimosis

ByEmma Dawson, John Lee, Richard Collin

chapter |4 pages

Diplopia as a Complication of Sinus Surgery; A Presentation of Four Cases

ByJ.T.H.N. de Faber, C. Kingma-Wilschut, R.J. Grootendorst, W. Visscher

chapter |4 pages

Diplopia in Patients with Orbital Fractures

ByA T Fenton, M Dirani, Z Georgievski*, M A Coote, J Varvarigos

section Section 5|19 pages


chapter |5 pages

Anderson-Kestenbaum Procedure for Torticollis Secondary to Congenital Nystagmus

ByPaul R. Mitchell, Marshall M. Parks, Maynard B. Wheeler, Peter G. Walden, Christopher J Kelly

chapter |4 pages

Surgical Management of Anomalous Head Posture Due to Horizontal Gaze Palsy or Acquired Vertical Nystagmus

ByCostantino Schiavi, Costantino Bellusci, Emilio C. Campos

chapter |4 pages

Preliminary Results of Performing The Tenotomy Procedure on Ten Adults with Congenital Nystagmus (CN)

ByRW Hertle, LF Dell’Osso, EJ FitzGibbon, D Thompson, D Yang, SD Mellow

chapter |3 pages

Large Horizontal Recti Recession for Treatment of Congenital Nystagmus Long Term Results

ByMustafa K. Ibrahim, Derek T. Sprunger, Larry A. Abel, Carol J. Winton, Eugene M. Helveston

section Section 6|16 pages


chapter |2 pages

Acute Esotropia in Heroin Withdrawal

ByL. Kowal, J. Mee, S. Nadkarni, M. Kozminsky, S. Kalff

chapter |4 pages

Distance Eso Deviation or Vergence Insufficiency

ByBill Gillies, Anne Brooks

chapter |4 pages

Cyclic Esotropia: V-Pattern and Upshoot in Adduction

ByJ.W.R. Pott, D. Godts, J.T.H.N. de Faber

chapter |4 pages

Occlusion for Early Overcorrection of Exotropia

ByEdward L. Raab

section Section 7|18 pages

Dysthyroid disease

chapter |4 pages

Eye Muscles in Different Stages of Thyroid Associated Orbitopathy: MRI and Tension Measurements

ByGunnar Lennerstrand, Suna Tian, Bengt Isberg, Leif Tallstedt, Roberto Bolzani, Hermann D. Schworm

chapter |4 pages

Orthoptic Findings in Patients with Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy

ByAgneta Rydberg, Leif Tallstedt, Hermann Dieter Schworm

chapter |3 pages

Botulinum Toxin Treatment is Helpful in Thyroid Ophthalmopathy a 15 Year Australian Review

ByCatherine Dunlop, Donald B Dunlop, Patricia Dunlop, Graham Pittar

chapter |4 pages

Nonadjustable Strabismus Surgery for Restrictive Thyroid Eye Disease

ByDaisy Godts, Pascale Events, Fernand De Wilde, Helena Smet