Earth observation data policy has received little attention, even though the conditions of access to Earth observation data are fundamental to the exploitation of and the further growth of the Earth observation sector. This unique book addresses this limitation.

part |16 pages


chapter Chapter 1|6 pages

Introduction and objectives

ByRay Harris

chapter Chapter 2|8 pages

Main trends in Earth observation data policy

ByRay Harris

part |43 pages

Legal Dimensions

chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

United Nations Principles on Remote Sensing and the user

ByFrans von der Dunk

chapter Chapter 5|10 pages

Non-discriminatory data dissemination in practice

ByFrans von der Dunk

chapter Chapter 6|9 pages

Intellectual property rights as a policy tool for Earth observation data in Europe

ByFrans von der Dunk

part |31 pages

Market Issues

chapter Chapter 7|16 pages

Structural analysis of the competitive environment of the Earth observation industry

ByDan Rosenholm, Ray Harris

chapter Chapter 8|6 pages

Vertical integration in the Earth observation market place

ByStefan Zenker

part |20 pages


chapter Chapter 10|6 pages

High resolution satellite imagery and Earth observation data policy

ByMarc Bonazountas

chapter Chapter 12|6 pages

Data policy issues relating to networking technology

ByStefan Zenker

part |30 pages

Pricing Policy

chapter Chapter 13|11 pages

Earth observation data pricing policies

ByRay Harris

chapter Chapter 14|8 pages

A cost/benefit analysis of Earth observation data and related services

ByGiacomo Martirano

part |38 pages


chapter Chapter 16|9 pages

Long term policy and Earth observation data archives

ByRay Harris

chapter Chapter 17|7 pages

To keep or not to keep

ByPaul Geerders

chapter Chapter 18|5 pages

Long term access to Earth observation data

ByStefan Zenker

chapter Chapter 19|12 pages

Data policy implications on archive design — or vice versa?

ByGunter Schreier

part |13 pages


chapter Chapter 20|11 pages

Earth observation data policy and Europe — conclusions

ByRay Harris