Unsaturated materials comprise residua, collapsible and expansive naturally occurring soils, compacted soils and, more recently, residues of solid wastes. The engineering problems associated with unsaturated materials range from those related to conventional geotechnical works (e.g. foundations, pavements, slopes and excavations, retaining structures, earthdams, irrigation canals, tunnelling, compacted embankments) to those included in the environmental area (e.g. natural slope instability, erosion and subsidence processes, tailings, residues or solid waste disposal, contaminant transport, remediation of contaminant sites, engineered barriers for environmental protection, re-use of residues).
This book, published in three separate volumes, comprises a selection of selected and invited papers presented at the Third International Conference on Unsaturated Soils – UNSAT ‘2002 – that took place in Recife, Brazil, form 10th to 13th March 2002.
The book is of interest to consultants, researchers, practitioners, lecturers and students with a background in geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and engineering geology.

part 1|63 pages

Developments on Theoretical, Modelling and Numerical Analysis on Unsaturated Materials

part 2|162 pages

Experimental Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

part 3|69 pages

Applied Unsaturated Soil Mechanics