Computational Intelligence in Image and Video Processing presents introduction, state-of-the-art and adaptations of computational intelligence techniques and their usefulness in image and video enhancement, classification, retrieval, forensics and captioning. It covers an amalgamation of such techniques in diverse applications of image and video processing.


  • A systematic overview of state-of-the-art technology in computational intelligence techniques for image and video processing
  • Advanced evolutionary and nature-inspired approaches to solve optimization problems in the image and video processing domain
  • Outcomes of recent research and some pointers to future advancements in image and video processing and intelligent solutions using computational intelligence techniques
  • Code snippets of the computational intelligence algorithm/techniques used in image and video processing

This book is primarily aimed at advanced undergraduates, graduates and researchers in computer science and information technology. Engineers and industry professionals will also find this book useful.

chapter 1|31 pages

Text Information Extraction from Digital Image Documents Using Optical Character Recognition

ByMd. Mijanur Rahman, Mahnuma Rahman Rinty

chapter 2|22 pages

Extracting Pixel Edges on Leaves to Detect Type Using Fuzzy Logic

ByJVN Lakshmi, R Kamalraj

chapter 3|14 pages

Water Surface Waste Object Detection and Classification

ByJayanand P. Gawande, Rakesh P. Borase, Sushant N. Pawar

chapter 4|25 pages

A Novel Approach for Weakly Supervised Object Detection Using Deep Learning Technique

ByJyoti G. Wadmare, Sunita R. Patil

chapter 5|15 pages

Image Inpainting Using Deep Learning

ByYogesh H. Dandawate, Tushar R. Jadhav, Paritosh J. Marathe

chapter 6|19 pages

Watermarking in Frequency Domain Using Magic Transform

ByNarendrakumar R. Dasre, Pritam Gujarathi

chapter 7|24 pages

An Efficient Lightweight LSB Steganography with Deep Learning Steganalysis

ByDipnarayan Das, Asha Durafe, Vinod Patidar

chapter 8|19 pages

Rectal Cancer Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation

ByR. Srivaramangai

chapter 9|13 pages

Detection of Tuberculosis in Microscopy Images Using Mask Region Convolutional Neural Network

ByNasir Khan, Hazrat Ali, Muhammad Shakaib Iqbal, Muhammad Arfat Yameen, Christer Grönlund

chapter 10|22 pages

Comparison of Deep Learning Methods for COVID-19 Detection Using Chest X-ray

ByArchana Chaudhari, Nikita Kotwal, Gauri Unnithan, Anaya Pawar

chapter 11|15 pages

Video Segmentation and Compression

ByK Nithya, S Mythili, M Krishnamoorthi, M Kalamani

chapter 13|13 pages

Video Matting, Watermarking and Forensics

ByC R Dhivyaa, S Anbukkarasi

chapter 14|15 pages

Time Efficient Video Captioning Using GRU, Attention Mechanism and LSTM

ByGurdeep Saini, Nagamma Patil

chapter 15|30 pages

Nature-Inspired Computing for Feature Selection and Classification

ByRahul Chakre, Dipak V. Patil, M. U. Kharat

chapter 16|12 pages

Optimized Modified K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Pattern Recognition

ByPriyadarshan Dhabe, Affan Shaikh, Jayanti Runwal, Ashwini Patil, Sneha Shinde

chapter 17|24 pages

Role of Multi-objective Optimization in Image Segmentation and Classification

ByUjwala Bharambe, Ujwala Bhangale, Chhaya Narvekar