This reference text discusses recent advances in the field of nanotechnology with applications in the fields of electronics sector, agriculture, health services, smart cities, food industry, and energy sector in a comprehensive manner.

The text begins by discussing important concepts including bio nanotechnology, nano electronics, nano devices, nano medicine, and nano memories. It then comprehensively covers applications of nanotechnology in different areas including healthcare, energy sector, environment, security and defense, agriculture sector, food industry, automotive sector, smart cities, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Aimed at senior undergraduate, graduate students and professionals in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics engineering, nanoscience and nanotechnology, this text:

  • Discusses nano image sensors useful for imaging in medical and for security applications.
  • Covers advances in the field of nanotechnology with their applications.
  • It covers important concepts including neuro simulators, nano medicine, and nano materials.
  • Covers applications of nanotechnology in diverse fields including health sector, agriculture, energy sector, and electronics.

chapter 4|14 pages


chapter 5|17 pages

Impact of Nanoelectronics in the Semiconductor Field

Past, Present and Future

chapter 6|25 pages


chapter 7|17 pages

Evolution of Nanoscale Transistors

From Planner MOSFET to 2D-Material-Based Field-Effect Transistors

chapter 10|14 pages

Recent Advancements in the Applications of ZnO

A Versatile Material

chapter 14|29 pages

Carbon Allotropes-Based Nanodevices

Graphene in Biomedical Applications

chapter 16|14 pages


An Emerging and Promising Technology for the Welfare of Human Health

chapter 17|34 pages

Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells

Principle, Processing and Perspectives