Advanced photonics methods for biomedical applications give researchers in universities and industries, and clinicians an overview of the novel tools for cancer diagnostics and treatment. This book provides researchers and professionals in the area of biomedical photonics with a toolbox of novel methodologies for biomedical applications, including health diagnostics, cancer detection, and treatment. It covers the theory, modeling, and design of each method, alongside their applications, fabrication, characterization, and measurements in clinical practice. A wide scope of concepts concerning innovative science and technologies of medicine will be covered, providing the readers with the latest research, developments, and technologies. It will also be a valuable resource for students and early-career researchers, alongside those involved in the design of the novel photonics-based techniques for health diagnostics and cancer detection and treatment.

Key features

• Discusses novel methods of cancer diagnostics and cancer treatment.

• Details non and minimally invasive photonics techniques.

• Explores the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to these novel techniques.