The proposed book titled as "Bioprospection of Co-products and Agro-industrial Wastes: A Sustainable Biotechnological Approach", seeks to offer the importance of the recycling, reuse of food residue, byproducts of fruits and agri-wastes to the academic community and industries. In developing countries facing malnutrition and environmental problems, this book would be very useful. The food waste and the residues resulting from this process are now becoming environmental problems. These mainly include leaves, stems, seeds, bark, and roots that have high nutritional value, many times even greater than the part usually consumed. It is a pressing priority to reuse and recycle the waste which is detrimental to the environment. This book would be an essential reading for students, researchers, and people from the food and pharma industry.

Bioprospecting of Co-Products and Agro-industrial Wastes: Opportunities and Challenges. Technological Prospection for the Use of Food Plants with a Focus on the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry. Technological Potential of Unconventional Food Plants (UFP). Biotechnological Applications of Flours and By-products of Mauritia flexuosa L. Fruits. Sustainable Use of Food Waste in the Preparation of Biodegradable Packaging for the Food Industry. Edible Films and Coatings: Raw Material, Properties, and its Application in Food. Perspectives For Using the Fruits of Cacti from the Caatinga of Piauí For Nutritional and Biotechnological Purposes. Cashew’s Industry: Products, Co-products and its Applications. Chemistry, Management, Functional Properties and Biotechnological Applications of Ocimum Essential Oils in the Food Industry. Moringa oleifera Seed Cake: A By-product of Oil Extraction with Biotechnological Potential. The Role of Microorganisms in the Use of Food-Waste. General Toxicological Aspects of Toxins from Conventional and Non-Conventional Foods. Annonaceae Family: Characteristics, Properties and Applications. Potential Exploitation of Residual Avocado (Persea americana) Seeds in the Development of Functional Foods with Glycemia-and Cholesterol-lowering Properties. Perspectives for the Reuse of Bacuri (Platonia insignis) for Nutritional and Biotechnological Applications. Red Pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) as a Functional Food: Nutritional Value, Phytochemical Content and Health-Promoting Effects. Functional Properties of Plant By-products: Studies in Animal Models and Clinical Applications. The Benefits of Integral Use of Food in Waste Reduction, Nutrient Density and Human Health.