This book covers varied aspects of environmental contaminants and their effect on the living organisms. It addresses the basics of ecotoxicity assessment, interaction of the abiotic or biotic factors with the novel chemical entities, and the fate of the natural organic matter upon interaction with new chemical entities. It further includes models for ecotoxicity studies and high-throughput approaches including OMICS. It provides an overview of the ecological risk assessment, regulatory toxicology guidelines, and possible roadmaps for protection of environmental health.


  • Discusses environmental toxicology facets and their effects on the ecosystem.
  • Provides an introduction of environmental toxicology keeping in view the paradigm shift on entry of novel materials in the environment.
  • Includes bioavailability, bioconcentration, and biomagnification of trophic transfer of pollutants.
  • Covers high-throughput approaches for ecotoxicity assessment.
  • Explores roadmaps for environmental protection and sustainable development.

This book is geared toward graduate students and researchers in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Toxicology, and Ecology.

chapter 4|25 pages

Natural Organic Matter

A Ubiquitous Adsorbent in Aquatic Systems to Probe Nanoparticles Behavior and Effects in Ecosystem