The book provides comprehensive research ideas about Edge-AI technology that can assist doctors in making better data-driven decisions. It provides insights for improving the healthcare industry by examining future trends, simplifying decision making and investigating structured and unstructured data.

Edge-AI in Healthcare: Trends and Future Perspective is more than a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence as a tool in healthcare data. The book is split into five chapters covering the entire healthcare ecosystem. First section is introduction to Edge-AI in healthcare. It discusses data usage, modelling and simulation techniques as well as machine and deep learning approaches. The second section discusses the implementation of edge AI for smart healthcare. The topics discussed in this section include, AR/VR and cloud computing, big data management, algorithms, optimization, and IoMT techniques and methods. Third section covers role of Edge-AI in healthcare and the challenges and opportunities of the technologies. This section also provides case studies and discusses sustainability, security, privacy, and trust related to Edge-AI in healthcare.

This book is intended to benefit researchers, academics, industry professionals, R & D organizations and students working in the field of healthcare, healthcare informatics and their applications.

1. Introduction to Edge-AI in Healthcare. 2. Edge AI Tools And Techniques For Healthcare. 3. Edge-AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Approaches for Healthcare. 4. Transforming Healthcare with Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches. 5. Enhancing access of Visually Impaired through Smart Cane. 6. Contemporary Role of Edge AI in IoT and IoE in Healthcare and Digital Marketing. 7. Authentication Of Edge AI-Based Smart Health Care System: A Review Based Study. 8. Automated Wheelchair for Physically Challenged with AIoT Modules. 9. Comparison of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms for Stroke Prediction. 10. Edge Computing based Containerized Deep Learning Approach for Intrusion Detection in Healthcare IoT. 11. Human Mental Experience through Chatbot: A Thematical Analysis of Human Engagement with Evidence based Cognitive-behavioural Techniques. 12. An early diagnosis of Cardiac disease using feature optimization based Deep Neural Network. 13. Super-Resolution in a World of Scarce Resources for Medical Imaging Applications. 14. Legal & Ethical Implications of Edge AI-enabled IoT Healthcare Monitoring System. 15. The Prospective Role of Artificial Intelligence in Development Dynamic Healthcare Sectors. 16. Edge AI empowered Blockchain: A Game-Changer for Medical tourism Industry. 17. System for Secure Edge Healthcare Monitoring Based on Artificial Intelligence