Nanomaterials from Renewable Resources for Emerging Applications details developments in nanomaterials produced from renewable materials and their usage in food and packaging, energy conservation, and environmental applications.

• Introduces fundamentals of nanomaterials from renewable resources, including processing and characterization.

• Covers nanomaterials for applications in food and packaging, including nanocellulose, lignin- and chitosan-based nanomaterials, and nanostarch.

• Discusses applications in energy conservation, such as supercapacitors, electrolyte membranes, energy storage devices, and insulation.

• Describes environmental uses such as water remediation and purification and oil spill clean-ups.

• Highlights advantages and challenges in commercialization of green nanoparticle-based materials.

Equally beneficial to researchers and professionals, this book is aimed at readers across materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, and related fields interested in sustainable engineering.

part Section I|126 pages

Food Packaging

part Section II|196 pages

Energy Conservation/Conversion

part Section III|146 pages