Green and Intelligent Technologies for Sustainable and Smart Asphalt Pavements contains 124 papers from 14 different countries which were presented at the 5th International Symposium on Frontiers of Road and Airport Engineering (IFRAE 2021, Delft, the Netherlands, 12-14 July 2021). The contributions focus on research in the areas of "Circular, Sustainable and Smart Airport and Highway Pavement" and collects the state-of-the-art and state-of-practice areas of long-life and circular materials for sustainable, cost-effective smart airport and highway pavement design and construction. The main areas covered by the book include:

• Green and sustainable pavement materials

• Recycling technology

• Warm & cold mix asphalt materials

• Functional pavement design

• Self-healing pavement materials

• Eco-efficiency pavement materials

• Pavement preservation, maintenance and rehabilitation

• Smart pavement materials and structures

• Safety technology for smart roads

• Pavement monitoring and big data analysis

• Role of transportation engineering in future pavements

Green and Intelligent Technologies for Sustainable and Smart Asphalt Pavements aims at researchers, practitioners, and administrators interested in new materials and innovative technologies for achieving sustainable and renewable pavement materials and design methods, and for those involved or working in the broader field of pavement engineering.

part |81 pages

Green and sustainable pavement materials Moderators: Shifeng Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University & Feipeng Xiao, Tongji University

part |89 pages

Recycling technology Moderators: Mingliang Li, Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport & Gordon Airey, The University of Nottingham

part |99 pages

Functional pavement design Moderators: Zhen Leng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University & Miomir Miljković, University of Niš

part |97 pages

Warm & cold mix asphalt materialsModerators: Yuhong Wang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University & Evangelos Manthos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

part |97 pages

Pavement preservation, maintenance and rehabilitationModerators: Dawei Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology & Zhanping You, Michigan Technological University

part |68 pages

Smart pavement materials and structures Moderators: Xue Luo, Zhejiang University & Yuqing Zhang, Aston University

part |77 pages

Eco-efficiency pavement materials Moderators: Tao Ma, Southeast University & Pengfei Liu, RWTH Aachen University

part |92 pages

Mechanical characterization and safety technology for smart roadsModerators: Yue Xiao, Wuhan University of Technology & Katerina Varveri, Technical University of Delft

part |80 pages

Pavement monitoring and big data analysis* Moderators: Xingyi Zhu, Tongji University & Eyal Levenberg, Technical University of Denmark