Computer vision and image analysis are indispensable components of every automated environment. Modern machine vision and image analysis techniques play key roles in automation and quality assurance. Working environments can be improved significantly if we integrate computer vision and image analysis techniques. The more advancement in innovation and research in computer vision and image processing, the greater the efficiency of machines as well as humans. Computer Vision and Image Analysis for Industry 4.0 focuses on the roles of computer vision and image analysis for 4.0 IR-related technologies. The text proposes a variety of techniques for disease detection and prediction, text recognition and signature verification, image captioning, flood level assessment, crops classifications and fabrication of smart eye-controlled wheelchairs.

chapter Chapter 1|16 pages

BN-HTRd: A Benchmark Dataset for Document Level Offline Bangla Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) and Line Segmentation

ByMd. Ataur Rahman, Nazifa Tabassum, Mitu Paul, Riya Pal, Mohammad Khairul Islam

chapter Chapter 2|11 pages

A New Approach Using a Convolutional Neural Network for Crop and Weed Classification

ByNawmee Razia Rahman, Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal

chapter Chapter 3|13 pages

Lemon Fruit Detection and Instance Segmentation in an Orchard Environment Using Mask R-CNN and YOLOv5

ByS M Shahriar Sharif Rahat, Manjara Hasin Al Pitom, Mridula Mahzabun, Md Shamsuzzaman

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

A Deep Learning Approach in Detailed Fingerprint Identification

ByMohiuddin Ahmed, Abu Sayeed, Azmain Yakin Srizon, Md Rakibul Haque, Md. Mehedi Hasan

chapter Chapter 5|13 pages

Probing Skin Lesions and Performing Classification of Skin Cancer Using EfficientNet while Resolving Class Imbalance Using SMOTE

ByMd Rakibul Haque, Azmain Yakin Srizon, Mohiuddin Ahmed

chapter Chapter 6|12 pages

Advanced GradCAM++: Improved Visual Explanations of CNN Decisions in Diabetic Retinopathy

ByMd. Shafayat Jamil, Sirdarta Prashad Banik, G. M. Atiqur Rahaman, Sajib Saha

chapter Chapter 7|11 pages

Bangla Sign Language Recognition Using a Concatenated BdSL Network

ByThasin Abedin, Khondokar S. S. Prottoy, Ayana Moshruba, Safayat Bin Hakim

chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

ChestXRNet: A Multi-class Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Detecting Abnormalities in Chest X-Ray Images

ByAhmad Sabbir Chowdhury, Aseef Iqbal

chapter Chapter 9|8 pages

Achieving Human Level Performance on the Original Omniglot Challenge

ByShamim Ibne Shahid

chapter Chapter 10|11 pages

A Real-Time Classification Model for Bengali Character Recognition in Air-Writing

ByMohammed Abdul Kader, Muhammad Ahsan Ullah, Md Saiful Islam

chapter Chapter 11|18 pages

A Deep Learning Approach for Covid-19 Detection in Chest X-Rays

BySK. Shalauddin Kabir, Mohammad Farhad Bulbul, Fee Faysal Ahmed, Syed Galib, Hazrat Ali

chapter Chapter 12|12 pages

Automatic Image Captioning Using Deep Learning

ByToshiba Kamruzzaman, Abdul Matin, Tasfia Seuti, Md. Rakibul Islam

chapter Chapter 13|14 pages

A Convolutional Neural Network-based Approach to Recognize Bangla Handwritten Characters

ByMohammad Golam Mortuza, Saiful Islam, Md. Humayun Kabir, Uipil Chong

chapter Chapter 14|17 pages

Flood Region Detection Based on K-Means Algorithm and Color Probability

ByPromiti Chakraborty, Sabiha Anan, Kaushik Deb

chapter Chapter 15|12 pages

Fabrication of Smart Eye Controlled Wheelchair for Disabled Person

ByMd. Anisur Rahman, Md. Abdur Rahman, Md. Imteaz Ahmed, Md. Iftekher Hossain