With the increasing use of e-learning, technology has not only revolutionized the way businesses operate but has also impacted learning processes in the education sector. E-learning is slowly replacing traditional methods of teaching and security in e-learning is an important issue in this educational context. With this book, you will be familiarized with the theoretical frameworks, technical methodologies, information security, and empirical research findings in the field to protect your computers and information from threats. Secure Data Management for Online Learning Applications will keep you interested and involved throughout.

chapter Chapter 1|29 pages

Secure online assessment of students using optimized deep learning techniques

ByS.V. Vijaya Karthik, S. Arunkumar

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

Survey of risks and threats in online learning applications

ByDahlia Sam, K. Nithya, S. Deepa Kanmani, Adlin Sheeba, A. Shamila Ebenezer, B. Uma Maheswari, Jennifer Daffodils Amesh

chapter Chapter 3|22 pages

Approaches to overcome security risks and threats in online learning applications

ByAdri Jovin John Joseph, Marikkannan Mariappan

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Secure data aggregation and sharing for online learning applications

ByChen Wang, Jian Shen, Tianqi Zhou, Huijie Yang

chapter Chapter 5|24 pages

A secure data-centric approach to blended learning for programming languages

ByC. Beulah, Christalin Latha, Sujni Paul, Rajan John

chapter Chapter 6|24 pages

Centralized key distribution protocol using identity-based encryption techniques in cloud computing environments

ByS. Ambika, A.S. Anakath, S. Rajakumar, R. Kannadasan, S. Senthilkumar

chapter Chapter 7|21 pages

Efficient key management and key distribution for online learning

ByV. Jeyalakshmi, G. Ramesh, S. Rajkumar

chapter Chapter 8|11 pages

An efficient privacy preserving and public auditing data integrity verification protocol for cloud-based online learning environments

ByL. Jegatha Deborah, S. Milton Ganesh, P. Vijayakumar

chapter Chapter 9|22 pages

A novel secure e-learning model for accurate recommendations of learning objects

ByR. Karthika, S.C. Rajkumar, L. Jegatha Deborah, S. Geetha

chapter Chapter 10|14 pages

Efficient key management and key distribution schemes for online learning

ByFahmina Taranum, K.S. Niraja

chapter Chapter 11|16 pages

Secure virtual learning using blockchain technology

ByK.R. Karthick, J. Satheeshkumar

chapter Chapter 12|20 pages

A robust mutual and batch authentication scheme based on ECC for online learning in Industry 4.0

ByArun Sekar Rajasekaran, Azees Maria, P. Vijayakumar

chapter Chapter 13|30 pages

Sentiment Analysis

The beginning
ByC. Sindhu, G. Vadivu