How can we give data physical form?

And how might those creations change the ways we experience data and the stories it can tell?

Making with Data: Physical Design and Craft in a Data-Driven World provides a snapshot of the diverse practices contemporary creators are using to produce objects, spaces, and experiences imbued with data. Across 25+ beautifully-illustrated chapters, international artists, designers, and scientists each explain the process of creating a specific data-driven piece—illustrating their practice with candid sketches, photos, and design artifacts from their own studios.
The author website, featuring updates and more information about the projects behind the book, can be found here: https://makingwithdata.org/.
Featuring influential voices in computer science, data science, graphic design, art, craft, and architecture, Making with Data is accessible and inspiring for enthusiasts and experts alike.

part |70 pages


chapter |14 pages

Snow Water Equivalent

ByAdrien Segal

chapter |12 pages

Life in Clay

ByAlice Thudt

chapter |12 pages

V-Pleat Data Origami

BySarah Hayes

chapter |12 pages

Anthropocene Footprints

ByMieka West

chapter |11 pages


ByLoren Madsen

part |78 pages


chapter |14 pages


ByPauline Gourlet, Thierry Dassé

chapter |10 pages


ByLaura Perovich

chapter |14 pages

Let's Play with Data

ByJose Duarte, Easy DataViz

chapter |16 pages

100% [City]

ByRimini Protokoll

chapter |13 pages

Data Strings

Domestic Data Streamers
ByDaniel Pearson, Pau Garcia, Alexandra de Requesens

part |66 pages

Digital Production

chapter |14 pages

Chemo Singing Bowl

ByStephen Barrass

chapter |12 pages

Wage Islands

ByEkene Ijeoma

chapter |10 pages

Data That Feels Gravity

ByVolker Schweisfurth

chapter |12 pages


MINN_LAB Design Collective
ByDaniel F. Keefe, Ross Altheimer, Andrea J. Johnson, Mahdieh Mahmoudi, Patrick Moe, Maura Rockcastle, Marc Swackhamer, Aaron Wittkamper

chapter |9 pages


ByNick Dulake, Ian Gwilt

part |68 pages


chapter |14 pages

Tenison Road Charts

ByDavid Sweeney, Alex Taylor, Siân Lindley

chapter |12 pages


ByKim Sauvé, Steven Houben

chapter |10 pages


ByNik Hafermaas, Dan Goods, Jamie Barlow

chapter |12 pages


ByJason Alexander, Faisal Taher, John Hardy, John Vidler

chapter |11 pages


ByMathieu Le Goc, Charles Perin, Sean Follmer, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Pierre Dragicevic

part |60 pages


chapter |14 pages

Perpetual Plastic

ByLiina Klauss, Moritz Stefaner, Skye Morét

chapter |12 pages

Dataponics: Human-Vegetal Play

ByRobert Cercós

chapter |14 pages

Solar Totems

ByCharles Sowers

chapter |11 pages

Staubmarke (Dustmark)

ByDietmar Offenhuber