This book focuses on futuristic approaches and designs for real-time systems and applications, as well as the fundamental concepts of including advanced techniques and tools in models of data-driven blockchain ecosystems.

The Data-Driven Blockchain Ecosystem: Fundamentals, Applications, and Emerging Technologies discusses how to implement and manage processes for releasing and delivering blockchain applications. It presents the core of blockchain technology, IoT-based and AI-based blockchain systems, and various manufacturing areas related to Industry 4.0. The book illustrates how to apply design principles to develop and manage blockchain networks, and also covers the role that cloud computing plays in blockchain applications.

All major technologies involved in blockchain-embedded applications are included in this book, which makes it useful to engineering students, researchers, academicians, and professionals interested in the core of blockchain technology.

chapter 1|19 pages

Comprehensive Analysis of Fundamentals, Innovation, and Key Challenges of Blockchain

ByMukesh Soni, Mohamed A. Elashiri, Abdulah S. Almahayreh, Abdelwahab Said Hassan

chapter 2|9 pages

Cryptocurrency Methodologies and Techniques

ByS. Hasan Hussain, T. B. Sivakumar, Alex Khang

chapter 3|20 pages

Framework for Modeling, Procuring, and Building Systems for Smart City Scenarios Using Blockchain Technology and IoT

ByRajendra Kumar, Ram Chandra Singh, Rohit Khokher

chapter 4|10 pages

Development of a Framework Model Using Blockchain to Secure Cryptocurrency Investment

ByK. Mohamed Jasim, Manivannan Babu, Chinnadurai Kathiravan

chapter 5|22 pages

A Blockchain Approach to Improving Digital Linked Management Information Systems (MIS)

ByB. Akoramurthy, K. Dhivya, G. Vennira Selvi, M. Prasad

chapter 6|20 pages

A Perspective on Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency to Boost A Futuristic Digital Economy

ByS. Shivam Gupta, Sarishma Dangi, Sachin Sharma

chapter 7|9 pages

Application of Blockchain in Online Learning

Findings in Higher Education Certification
ByPushan Kumar Datta, Susanta Mitra

chapter 8|13 pages

Robot Process Automation in Blockchain

ByR. K. Tailor, Ranu Pareek, Alex Khang

chapter 9|9 pages

A Novel Approach to Cryptography

Deep Learning-based Homomorphic Secure Searchable Encryption for Keyword Searches in the Blockchain Healthcare System
ByT. B. Sivakumar, Hasan Hussain

chapter 10|17 pages

Design and Implementation of a Smart Healthcare System Using Blockchain Technology with A Dragonfly Optimization-based Blowfish Encryption Algorithm

ByShivlal Mewada, Dhruva Sreenivasa Chakravarthi, S. J. Sultanuddin, Shashi Kant Gupta

chapter 11|14 pages

Implementation of a Blockchain-based Smart Shopping System for Automated Bill Generation Using Smart Carts with Cryptographic Algorithms

ByParin Somani, Sunil Kumar Vohra, Subrata Chowdhury, Shashi Kant Gupta

chapter 12|19 pages

Multi-Node Data Privacy Audit for Blockchain Integrity

ByA. Shenbaga Bharatha Priya, Sanjaya Kumar Sarangi, S. Balasubramanian, Bhaskar Roy

chapter 13|17 pages

IoT, AI, and Blockchain

An Integrated System Investigation for Agriculture and Healthcare Units
ByMandeep Singh, Ruhul Amin Choudhury, Sweta Chander

chapter 14|20 pages

Security and Privacy Challenges in Blockchain Application

ByKhalid Albulayhi, Qasem Abu Al-Haija

chapter 15|19 pages

Blockchain-based Cloud Resource Allocation Mechanisms for Privacy Preservation

ByAkhilesh Kumar, Nihar Ranjan Nayak, Samrat Ray, Ashish Kumar Tamrakar

chapter 16|20 pages

Blockchain-based Privacy Protection Credential Model for Zero- Knowledge Proof over Distributed Systems

BySarfraz Fayaz Khan, Sumit Kumar, Ramya Govindaraj, Sagar Dhanraj Pande