Polyester-Based Biocomposites highlights the performance of polyester-based biocomposites reinforced with various natural fibres extracted from leaf, stem, fruit bunch, grass and wood material. It also addresses the characteristics of polyester-based biocomposites reinforced with rice husk fillers and various nanoparticles.

This book explores the widespread applications of fibre-reinforced polymer composites in the aerospace sector, automotive parts, construction and building materials, sports equipment and household appliances. Investigating the advantages of natural fibres, such as superior damping characteristics, low density, biodegradability, abundant availability at low cost and non-abrasive to tooling, this book discusses what makes them a cost-effective alternative reinforcement material for composites in certain applications.

This book serves as a useful reference for researchers, graduate students and engineers in the field of polymer composites.

chapter 7|16 pages

Coir Fiber–Polyester Composites