This new volume provides an overview of the Internet of Things along with its architectures, its vital technologies, and their uses in our daily life. The book explores the integration of IoT with other emerging technologies, such as blockchain and cloud. Topics in the volume cover the many powerful features and applications of IoT, such as for weather forecasting, in agriculture, in medical science, in surveillance systems, and much more.

The first section of the book covers many of the issues and challenges that arise from the Internet of Things (IoT), exploring security challenges, such as attack detection and prevention systems, as well as energy efficiency and resource management in IoT. The volume also introduces the use of IoT and smart technology in agricultural management, in healthcare diagnosis and monitoring, and in the financial industry. Chapters also focus on surveillance network technology, the technology shift from television to video streaming apps, using IoT–fog computing for smart healthcare, detection of anomalies in climate conditions, and even detection of illegal wood logging activity.

part II|164 pages

IoT Applications

part III|214 pages

Integration of IoT with Blockchain and Cloud