Foodborne microbial outbreaks are a serious food safety and public health concern worldwide. One of the most challenging issues in food safety is the identification and characterization of foodborne microbial communities, which is a core objective of research by food scientists and food microbiologists. This book reviews the molecular advances in food science related to the safety and quality of food along with recent diagnostic tools for the detection of emerging pathogens based on the food commodities. It presents a wide selection of methods for the identification and characterization of foodborne infectious agents.

This book provides an overview of foodborne pathogens, diseases, and outbreaks and then proceeds to delve into techniques for characterizing foodborne pathogens using molecular approaches. It reviews state-of-the-art methods for detecting and tracing foodborne pathogens using next-generation sequencing and whole-genome sequencing for controlling foodborne illnesses as well as the application of microorganisms in food production for preventing foodborne illnesses. The book ends with an overview of management systems and analytical tools for public health protection from foodborne illnesses.

Part I: Foodborne Pathogens, Diseases, and Outbreaks 1. Foodborne Pathogens and Their Associated Infections: An Introduction 2. Foodborne Diseases: Causative Agents and Related Microorganisms 3. Role of Foodborne Pathogens and Microorganisms in Food Safety 4. Foodborne Outbreaks: Sources and Mode of Transmission of Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms Part II: Characterizing Foodborne Pathogens Using Molecular Approaches 5. Epidemiology of Foodborne Bacterial Diseases and Molecular Techniques to Assure Food Safety 6. Molecular Characterization of Foodborne Pathogens 7. Tracing Foodborne Pathogens Using Molecular-Based Approaches Part III: Detecting and Tracing Foodborne Pathogens Using NGS and WGS 8. Foodborne Pathogen Detection Using Next-Generation Sequencing 9. Next-Generation Sequencing for Strain Tracking and Community Profiling of Food Microbes 10. Whole Genome Sequencing for Food Safety and Quality Part IV: Controlling Foodborne Illness for Public Health 11. Application of Microorganism in Food Production and Control of Foodborne Illness 12. Food Quality and Food Safety: Management Systems and Analytical Tools for Public Health