This book provides in-depth knowledge about cross rolling of biomedical alloys, cellulose, magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, magnesium-based nanocomposites, titanium, titanium alloys, stainless steel, and improved biodegradable implants materials for biomechanical applications like joint replacements, bone plates, bone cement, artificial ligaments and tendons, dental implants for tooth fixation, and hip implants.

It comprehensively covers advancements in materials including graphene-reinforced magnesium metal matrix, magnesium and its alloys, and 2D nanomaterials. The text discusses important topics including advanced materials for biomechanical applications, design, and analysis of stainless steel 316L for femur bone fracture healing, design and manufacturing of prosthetic dental implants, a biomechanical study of a low-cost prosthetic leg, and an energy harvesting mechanism for walking applications.

The text will serve as a useful text for graduate students, academic researchers, and general practitioners in areas including materials science, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, and biomechanical engineering.

chapter 1|14 pages

Bio-Mechanical Engineering and Health

ByVishal Parashar, Shashank Mishra, Chitresh Nayak

chapter 2|13 pages

Introduction to Cross Rolling of Biomedical Alloys

ByV. Murugabalaji, Matruprasad Rout

chapter 3|29 pages

Additive Manufacturing and Characterisation of Biomedical Materials

ByMainak Saha, Manab Mallik

chapter 4|25 pages

Cellulose – A Sustainable Material for Biomedical Applications

ByN. Vignesh, K. Chandraraj, S.P. Suriyaraj, R. Selvakumar

chapter 5|27 pages

Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

ByVikram Hastak, Suresh Bandi, Ajeet K. Srivastav

chapter 6|19 pages

Magnesium-Based Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications

ByBhaskar Thakur, Shivprakash Barve, Pralhad Pesode

chapter 7|26 pages

Magnesium Alloy for Biomedical Applications

ByPralhad Pesode, Shivprakash Barve

chapter 8|10 pages

Investigation of Titanium Lattice Structures for Biomedical Implants

ByVijay Kumar Meena, Prashant Kumar, Tarun Panchal, Parveen Kalra, Ravindra Kumar Sinha

chapter 9|17 pages

Cost Estimation of Polymer Material for Biomedical Application

BySuya Prem Anand, Ashwin Sunil Kumar, Grreshan Ramesh, Abel Eldho Jose

chapter 10|16 pages

Nanostructured Biomaterials for Load-Bearing Applications

ByMoumita Ghosh, A. Thirugnanam

chapter 11|11 pages

Improved Biodegradable Implant Materials for Orthopedic Applications

ByKundan Kumar, Shashi Bhushan Prasad, Ashish Das, Mukul Shukla

chapter 12|13 pages

Fracture Performance Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Titanium Alloy

ByTiwari Manvendra, Pankaj Kumar

chapter 13|25 pages

Design of a Low-Cost Prosthetic Leg Using Magnetorheological Fluid

ByGanapati Shastry, T. Jagadeesha, Ashish Toby, Seung-Bok Choi, Vikram G. Kamble

chapter 14|18 pages

FEA of Humerus Bone Fracture and Healing

ByAshwani Kumar, Yatika Gori, Brijesh Yadav, Sachin Rana, Neelesh Kumar Sharma

chapter 15|29 pages

Design of Energy Harvesting Mechanism for Walking Applications

ByAnkit Meena, T. Jagadeesha, Manoj Nikam, Seung-Bok Choi, Vikram G. Kamble