Marketing by Contingency in the Time of Covid-19: Overcoming Business Crises and Meeting Marketing Challenges provides conceptual and empirical evidence from a marketing and business perspective about how firms and nonprofit organizations in developing countries have coped with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic became not only a health threat but also a business threat and challenge. This book analyzes successful—and failed—marketing strategies that have been implemented by renowned and emerging firms and nonprofit organizations in reaction to the unprecedented market situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Using case studies, the chapters identify the elements that were critical for strengthening a product or company’s brand value, consumer satisfaction, and loyalty during this time of crisis and uncertainty. The information and experiences shared here show how organizations learned to be resilient and reacted to challenging market situations using creativity and innovation to present consumers with prompt solutions to cover their most basic needs. Topics cover brand engagement, influencer marketing, building consumer trust, navigating restrictive conditions using analytics and predictive modeling, internal marketing, and more.

Key features:

  • Presents and assesses strategies to react to business challenges—both economic and social
  • Provides conceptual and empirical evidence on how to deliver value to consumers in times of uncertainty
  • Shows the reality faced by businesses and nonprofit organizations when a crisis emerges
  • Evaluates the critical role of social media and e-commerce as strategic resources to help business and nonprofit organizations survive—and even grow—during a crisis
  • Examines the role of internal marketing during a pandemic

The successes and failures of the marketing strategies discussed in this volume will aid professors and students, business leaders, marketing professionals, public relations professionals, and others in identifying the processes needed to overcome business and social troubles during periods of crisis.

chapter Chapter 1|21 pages

Alexa, Show Some Empathy: Personified Brands Failing to Engage Customers During COVID-19

ByJuan Bernardo Amezcua Nuñez

chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

Brand Engagement in Consumers' Lives During COVID-19 Times

ByClaudia Quintanilla

chapter Chapter 3|16 pages

Marketing in a Box: Resilient Strategies Amid the Crisis

ByAlicia de la Peña

chapter Chapter 4|22 pages

Influencer Marketing in an Uncertain Economic Climate: A Wasted Opportunity

ByIsabel Morteo

chapter Chapter 6|21 pages

Trust Me! Building Consumers' Trust During the COVID-19 Pandemic

ByFlor Morton

chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

Black Swan Instinct: Emerging Trend Models of Consumer Behavior

ByAna Zavala-Parrales, Ana Ruiz-Medina

chapter Chapter 9|29 pages

The Role of Internal Marketing During the COVID-19 Crisis

ByEva M. Guerra-Leal, Nancy B. Ortiz, Raúl Ruiz

chapter Chapter 10|15 pages

Adapting Marketing Channels During COVID-19

ByGloria Camacho

chapter Chapter 12|13 pages

Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations in Contingency Environments

ByCecilia Isabel Calderón-Valencia