Trends in Maritime Technology and Engineering comprises the papers presented at the 6th International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering (MARTECH 2022) that was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 24-26 May 2022. The Conference has evolved from the series of biennial national conferences in Portugal, which have become an international event, and which reflect the internationalization of the maritime sector and its activities. MARTECH 2022 is the sixth of this new series of biennial conferences.

The book covers all aspects of maritime activity, including in Volume 1: Structures, Hydrodynamics, Machinery, Control and Design. In Volume 2: Maritime Transportation and Ports, Maritime Traffic, Safety, Environmental Conditions, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, and Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Trends in Maritime Technology and Engineering aims at academics and professionals in the above mentioned fields.

part |109 pages

Maritime transportation & ports

chapter |10 pages

The effects of operational and environmental conditions in cruise ship emissions in port areas

ByH. Abreu, V. Cardoso, T.A. Santos

chapter |7 pages

Improving the environmental performance of shipping and maritime transport - Highlights of the maritime emissions workshop

ByE. Altarriba, S. Rahiala, T. Tanhuanpää, M. Piispa

chapter |9 pages

Short sea shipping gas emissions and dispersion

ByY. Garbatov, P. Georgiev

chapter |10 pages

Evaluation of decarbonization strategies for existing ships

ByC. Karatug, Y. Arslanoglu, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |9 pages

Environmental assessment of the scrubbers' use in regular traffic between the Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula

ByA. Martínez-López, Á. Marrero, Y. Martín-Cruz, M. Míguez González

chapter |9 pages

Optimization model for integrated port terminal management

ByF.G.G. Pereira, J.P.G. Cruz, R.C. Botter, L.T. Robles

chapter |6 pages

The East-European maritime ports hinterland and the influence of road transport network

ByF. Rusca, A. Rusca, E. Rosca, C. Oprea, O. Dinu, A. Ilie

chapter |6 pages

Emerging ICT in port operations: Case studies

ByF. Russo, G. Musolino

chapter |13 pages

Geographical scope of competitiveness of short sea shipping and freight railways in the Atlantic Corridor

ByT.A. Santos, M.Â. Fonseca, P. Martins, C. Guedes Soares

part |60 pages

Maritime traffic

chapter |8 pages

A framework for characterizing the marine traffic of the continental coast of Portugal using historical AIS data

ByB. Lee, P. Silveira, H. Loureiro, A.P. Teixeira

chapter |8 pages

Preliminary analysis of the fishing activity in Portugal

ByE. Lotovskyi, A.P. Teixeira, P. Silveira, E. Torrão

chapter |6 pages

Low-cost tracking system to infer fishing activity from small scale fisheries in Scotland

ByA. Mujal-Colilles, T. Mendo, R. Swift, M. James, S. Crowe, P. McCann

chapter |8 pages

Identification of ship trajectories when approaching and berthing in Sines port based on AIS data

ByH. Rong, A.P. Teixeira, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |8 pages

Ship abnormal behaviour detection off the continental coast of Portugal

ByH. Rong, A.P. Teixeira, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |9 pages

Characterisation of ship routes off the continental coast of Portugal using the Dijkstra algorithm

ByP. Silveira, A.P. Teixeira, C. Guedes Soares

part |124 pages


chapter |11 pages

A review of failure causes and critical factors of maritime LNG leaks

ByM. Abdelmalek, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |8 pages

Applying the SAFEPORT system in a storm situation

ByA.H. Gomes, L.V. Pinheiro, C.J.E.M. Fortes, J.A. Santos

chapter |8 pages

Influence of fire-fighting intervention on fire spread characteristics in ship engine room

ByC.F. Li, J.Y. Mao, Z.X. Kang, S.Z. Zhao, H.L. Ren

chapter |10 pages

The fire risk assessment of ship power system under engine room fire

ByC.F. Li, H.Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J.C. Kang

chapter |14 pages

Preliminary hazard analysis of vessel maneuvers in access channels to port terminals

ByM.C. Maturana, D.T.M.P. de Abreu, M.R. Martins

chapter |9 pages

Risky maritime encounter prediction via ensemble machine learning

ByM.F. Oruc, Y.C. Altan

chapter |8 pages

BlueSafePort Project - safety system for maneuvering and moored ships at the Port of Sines

ByL.V. Pinheiro, C.J.E.M. Fortes, A.H. Gomes, J.A. Santos, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |10 pages

Numerical simulations of potential oil spills near Fernando de Noronha archipelago

ByP.G.S.C. Siqueira, J.A.M. Silva, M.L.B. Gois, H.O. Duarte, M.C. Moura, M.A. Silva, M.C. Araújo

chapter |12 pages

Evaluating risk during evacuation of large passenger ships: A smart risk assessment platform for decision support

ByN.P. Ventikos, N. Themelis, K. Louzis, A. Koimtzoglou, A. Michelis, M. Koimtzoglou, A. Ragab

part |36 pages

Environmental conditions

chapter |7 pages

Representing spectral changes in seasonal ocean wave patterns using interquartile ranges

ByG. Clarindo, C. Guedes Soares, G. Rodríguez

chapter |10 pages

Extreme response analysis for TLP-type floating wind turbine using Environmental Contour Method

ByM.N. Sreebhadra, J.S. Rony, D. Karmakar, C. Guedes Soares

part |194 pages

Renewable energy

chapter |10 pages

Numerical model of a WEC-type attachment of a moored submerged horizontal set of articulated plates

ByI.B.S. Bispo, S.C. Mohapatra, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |12 pages

Preliminary numerical optimization of the E-Motions wave energy converter

ByD. Clemente, P. Rosa-Santos, F. Taveira-Pinto, P.T. Martins

chapter |7 pages

Ferry ships: A cost/environmental comparison of innovative solutions for the electric power generation in port

ByT. Coppola, M. Fantauzzi, L. Micoli, L. Mocerino, F. Quaranta

chapter |9 pages

CFD analysis of the PTO damping on the performance of an onshore dual chamber OWC

ByJ. Gadelho, C. Guedes Soares, G. Barajas, J.L. Lara

chapter |9 pages

Review on hardware-in-the-loop simulation of wave energy converters

ByJ.F. Gaspar, R.F. Pinheiro, M. Kamarlouei, C. Guedes Soares, M.J.G.C. Mendes

chapter |9 pages

Time domain analysis of a conical point-absorber moving around a hinge

ByT.S. Hallak, M. Kamarlouei, J.F. Gaspar, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |8 pages

Review of hybrid model testing approaches for floating wind turbines

ByM. Hmedi, E. Uzunoglu, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |6 pages

A machine visual-based ship monitoring system for offshore wind farms

ByA. Huiting Ji, B. Qing Yu, C. Chen Wei, D. Yutian Hu, Tingting Lin

chapter |10 pages

Uncertainty analysis in the frequency domain simulation of a hinged wave energy converter

ByM. Kamarlouei, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |6 pages

Floating offshore wind turbine stability study under self-induced vibrations

ByS. Piernikowska, M. Tomas-Rodriguez, M. Santos Peñas

chapter |15 pages

Potential opportunities of multi-use blue economy concepts in Europe

ByS. Ramos, H. Díaz, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |9 pages

Modelling the hydrostatic stability characteristics of a self-aligning floating offshore wind turbine

ByD. Scicluna, T. Sant, C. De Marco Muscat-Fenech, G. Vernengo, Y.K. Demirel

chapter |10 pages

Hydrodynamic analysis of a dual-body wave energy converter device with two different power take-off configurations

ByJ.C. Souza Filho, K. Rezanejad, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |8 pages

Stress distribution on the CENTEC-TLP in still water and rated wind speed

ByE. Zavvar, B.Q. Chen, E. Uzunoglu, C. Guedes Soares

part |35 pages

Oil & gas

chapter |8 pages

Analysis of the basic causes of FPSO fluid releases

ByU. Bhardwaj, A.P. Teixeira, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |8 pages

Stochastic characterization of a petroleum reservoir

ByJ.V. Saíde, A.P. Teixeira

chapter |8 pages

A stochastic programming model for designing offshore production systems

ByL.M.R. Silva, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |9 pages

Intuitionistic fuzzy-MULTIMOORA-FMEA for FPSO oil and gas processing system

ByPeijie Yang, Cong Yi, Zhuang Kang, Jichuan Kang

part |52 pages

Fisheries & aquaculture

chapter |6 pages

Assessment of macroinvertebrates culture in an integrated multitrophic aquaculture system

ByJ.P. Garcês, N. Diogo, S. Gamito

chapter |8 pages

Experimental investigation of an array of vertical flexible net-type structures under regular waves

ByY.C. Guo, Z.C. Liu, S.C. Mohapatra, C. Guedes Soares

chapter |5 pages

Spatial characterization of pelagic fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic: The e-shape pilot “Monitoring Fishing Activity”

ByP. Gaspar, M. Chapela, R. Silva, G. Mendes, D. Cordeiro, N. Grosso, P. Ribeiro, V. Henriques, A. Campos

chapter |4 pages

Defining multi-gear fisheries through species association

ByP. Leitão, A. Campos

chapter |6 pages

Preliminary experiments of the behaviour of circular gravity cage in linear waves

ByZ.C. Liu, C. Guedes Soares