Nanotechnologies represent a fast-growing market and this unique volume highlights the current studies in applied sciences on sustainability of green science and technology. The chapters include modelling, machine learning, nanotechnology, nanofluids, nanosystems, smart materials and applications and solar and fuel cells technology. The authors cover simulation, additive manufacturing, machine learning and the autonomous system. Various aspects of green science as well as trans-disciplinary topics between fundamental science and engineering are presented.The book is suitable for all postgraduates and researchers working in this rapid growing research area. 


  • Presenting latest research on green materials and sustainability.
  • Provide in depth discussion on modeling and simulation using latest techniques.
  • Technical exposure for the readers on additive manufacturing principles.
  • Numerous examples on nanofluids and nano technology are presented.
  • Discusses computer modeling, superconductivity, nanotubes and related structures such as graphene.

chapter 1|4 pages


chapter 8|19 pages

Graded Concrete

Towards Eco-friendly Construction by Material Optimisation