Originally published in 1946, this book is based on a series of broadcast talks on design. Led by an engineer, an artist and critic of architecture and industrial design, the discussions focussed on the problems that were involved by a general application of design to the environment of contemporary life. It surveys the possibilities of design in modern life and the talks have been rewritten, amplified and revised for the purposes of the book.

chapter Chapter I|12 pages

Who Knows What the Public Wants?

chapter Chapter II|10 pages

The Design of Dwellings

chapter Chapter IV|12 pages

Clothes—and Design

chapter Chapter V|12 pages

Design in the Kitchen

chapter Chapter VI|10 pages

The Design of Illumination

chapter Chapter VII|14 pages

Design in Public Buildings

chapter Chapter VIII|14 pages

The Design of the Street

chapter Chapter X|10 pages

The Meaning and Purpose of Design