Wastewater Treatment Using Green Synthesis discusses advances in wastewater treatment with a focus on biological processes. Major topics discussed include bioremediation through microorganisms, green and iron-based nanoparticles in wastewater treatment, TiO2 Doped Lignocellulosic Biopolymer with an emphasis on their photodegradation potential for a variety of pollutants, and permanent film growth. It further includes remediation of industrial sludges/effluents with a particular emphasis on biological treatment, phytoremediation, and de-ballasting water treatment technology.


  • Focuses on the implementation of effective wastewater treatment with orientation towards biological processes
  • Covers both biological and physico-chemical waste and wastewater treatment processes, focusing on emerging techniques
  • Reviews computational method approaches, the application of TiO2-doped biopolymers, iron nanoparticles, and the use of molecular techniques for wastewater treatment
  • Illustrates molecular docking, molecular dynamics simulation, homology modelling, and biodegradation pathways prediction
  • Includes dedicated chapters on biological wastewater treatment

This book is aimed at graduate students and researchers in environmental and chemical engineering with a focus on wastewater treatment.