The book entitled ‘Nanophytopathology’ discusses the need for alternative technologies particularly smart nanotechnological tools including nanobiosensor in the detection of plant diseases, delivery of fungicides/pesticides, and therapy for the diseases caused by plant pathogens and pests. The use of nanomaterials will minimize the huge amount of application of pesticides and fungicides thereby reducing environmental pollution. This technology is eco-friendly, economically viable, and useful for sustainable crop production.

The book encompasses chapters written by experienced experts in respective fields, which provide up-to-date knowledge about pathogen/pest control using nanotechnology. It will be essential reading for post-graduate students and researchers, agriculture scientists, nanotechnologists, microbiologists, green chemistry experts, and biotechnologists.

GENERAL. Nanophytopathology: A New and Emerging Science. The Perspective of Nanotechnology in Plant Protection. DETECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF PLANT DISEASES AND PESTS. Nanobiosensors for Detection of Plant Pathogens. Bioprospecting of Nanoparticles against Phytopathogens. Nanomaterials: A Strategy for the Control of Phytopathogenic Fungi. Nanoparticles Used for Management of Oomycetes Diseases. Biogenic Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for the Control of Plant Pathogens. Plant Virus Disease Management by Nanobiotechnology. Nano Clay Materials and their Role in Plant Disease Management. Advances in Agro-Nanotechnologies for Pest Management. Botanicals-Based Nanoformulations for the Management of Insect-Pests. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF PLANT DISEASES. Strategic Applications of CRISPR-Cas Technology for the Management of Plant Diseases. Can Nitric Oxide Overcome Biotic Stress in Plants?