With a focus on advances in metal matrix composite (MMC) fabrications from a theoretical and experimental perspective, this book describes the recent developments in the manufacturing of MMCs, various processing methods and parameters, mechanical properties and synthesis of MMCs. It deals with several multi-criteria decision-making techniques suggested to choose the best materials for application and the effects of reinforcement on chip formation, tool wear and part quality during the machining.


  • Discusses modeling of metal matrix composites (MMC) and fabrication of hybrid MMCs
  • Covers advanced characterization studies of nanocomposites
  • Reviews high-temperature applications and cobalt-nickel combination materials
  • Provides inputs regarding optimal selection of percentage of reinforcement materials for MMC’s fabrication based on industrial requirements
  • Focuses on aerospace and automotive industries

This book is aimed at graduate students, researchers and professionals in micro/nanoscience and technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, metallurgy and composites.