The subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuing on its journey of affecting each and every individual and will keep on this path in the times to come. This handbook is a collection of topics on the application of artificial intelligence applications for sustainability in different areas. It provides an insight into the various uses of concepts and practical examples for different domains all in one place, which makes it unique and important for the potential reader.

Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Applications for Industrial Sustainability: Concepts and Practical Examples examines the influence of AI and how it can be used in several industries to improve corporate performance, reduce security concerns, improve customer experience, and ultimately generate value for customers and maximize profits. The handbook offers practical examples, concepts, and applications that provide an easy understanding and implementation process. It provides AI applications in many fields, such as sustainable credit decisions, cyber security and fraud prevention, warehouse management, and much more.

This handbook will provide insight to customers, managers, professionals, engineers, researchers, and students on the various uses of AI and sustainability in different domains. All of this needed information compiled into one handbook makes it unique and important for the engineering, business, and computer science communities.

chapter 10|13 pages

Transformation of Human Resources

Future of Workforce Analytics

chapter 16|17 pages

E-Commerce and Trade

The Role of Artificial Intelligence