This up-to-date reference book discusses the synthesis, production, and application of various microbial enzymes and metabolites for health. Microorganisms like bacteria (lactic acid bacteria, Bacillus species), yeasts, and filamentous fungi have been globally exploited for their biotechnological applications. This book discusses ways to use them commercially. Chapters include the production of fibrinolytic enzymes, microbial lipases, bacteriocin production by lactic acid bacteria, and bioactives produced. It also covers microbial synthesis of alkaloids, terpenoids, and steroids. This book is useful for researchers, academicians, and industry experts in microbiology and biotechnology.

Section I - Microbial enzymes in healthcare

Chapter 1 - Microbial enzymes and metabolites in healthcare: An overview

Chapter 2 - Microbial production of fibrinolytic enzymes

Chapter 3 - Microbial enzymes for synthesis of chiral drug intermediates

Chapter 4 - Microbial Enzymes in Biomedical applications

Chapter 5 - Microbial lipases: Production and application

Chapter 6 - Health benefits of bioactive compounds produced using microbial enzymes

Section II - Microbial metabolites in healthcare

Chapter 7- Bacteriocin production by lactic acid bacteria

Chapter 8 - Production and application of antimicrobial compounds from endophytes

Chapter 9 - Microbial synthesis and application of terpenoids and steroids

Chapter 10 - Microbial synthesis of polypeptides and application in health care

Chapter 11 - Microbial synthesis of alkaloids and application in health care