This book covers all areas of smart antennas, electromagnetic interference, and microwave antennas for wireless communications. Smart antennas or adaptive antennas are multi-antenna components on one or both sides of a radio communication connection, combined with advanced signal processing algorithms. They've evolved into a critical technology for third-generation and beyond mobile communication systems to meet their lofty capacity and performance targets. It seems that a significant capacity gain is achievable, particularly if they are employed on both sides of the connection. There are several essential characteristics of these systems that need scientific and technical investigation. Included in the book are beamforming, massive MIMO, network MIMO, mmwave transmission, compressive sensing, MIMO radar, sensor networks, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, location, and machine learning.

1. Speech Signal Extraction from a Transmitted Signal using a Multilevel Mixed Signal 2. High Performance Fiber–Wireless Uplink for CDMA 5G Network Communication 3. Improving the Performance of the Cooperative Transmission Protocol Using Bidirectional Relays and Multi-user Detection 4. Joint Relay-source escalation for SINR Maximization in Multi-relay Networks and Multi-antenna 5. VLSI Implementation on MIMO Structure Using Modified Sphere Decoding Algorithms 6. Overcrowding Cell Interference Detection and Mitigation in a Multiple Networking Environment 7. A Baseband Transceiver For MIMO-OFDMA in Spatial Multiplexing Using a Modified V-BLAST Algorithm 8. Hardware Implementation of an OFDM Transceiver Using Simulink Blocks for a MIMO System 9. Empowering Radio Resource Allocation to a Multicast Transmission System Using a Low Complexity Algorithm in an OFDM System 10. Survey on RF Coils for an MRI Diagnosis System 11. Wireless Sensing Based Solar Tracking System Using Machine Learning 12. Gain and bandwidth Enhancement of a Pentagon Shaped Dual Layer Parasitic Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Applications 13. Quantum Cascade Lasers – Device Modelling and Applications 14. Design of a Broadband Stacked Fractal Antenna with Defective Ground Structure for 5G Communications 15. Performance Analysis of a T-shaped Structure for Satellite Communication